Cold email course

  • 5.6 Lesson 5 summary

5.6 Lesson 5 summary

In this lesson, you’ve learned that cold emailing is pretty much a trial-and-error game, and it takes some testing to get optimal results. With the knowledge you’ve just gained, you’ll be able to achieve satisfactory outcomes with A/B tests in your campaigns.

If – despite testing and polishing your emails – you don’t see much improvement, rethink if you’re aiming at the right target: not only the right company type but also the right people. Instead of trying to reach out busy C-levels, contact mid-level managers. Or consider if the companies you aimed at so far are now too small for your solution. A good practice is to rework your ICP now and then, especially as your business develops.

And last but not least, the most important takeaway from this lesson is that a human-first approach is crucial to succeed in cold emailing. Even SPAM filters value it, not to mention your contacts 🙂