Cold email course

  • 5.5 What to do to improve the deliverability rate?
  • The more emails get delivered to your prospects' main inbox, in other words the higher the deliverability rate, the more contact opportunities you have. Naturally, you should strive for the highest. 

    So what can you do to maintain good deliverability? 

    The general rule is: Don’t irritate people and spam filters. 

    Both spam filters and people hate impersonal, salesy, misleading or worthless bulk emails. So your goal is to make your messages just the opposite - individual, valuable and honest - indicating that they were written by a real human, not a bot. There are a few best practices you should stick to:

    • Avoid SPAM words - sometimes even words you normally use in your business, like “marketing” or “discount” may trigger SPAM filters. Try using synonyms, or paraphrase if necessary.
    • Don’t use clickbaits or misleading subject lines - you know something like “You won’t believe this” or “Best CRM ever”, or “Don’t open this email”. You’ll only irritate, or scare off, your contacts and make them report your message as SPAM. 
    • Limit links, pictures and videos - too many of these trigger SPAM filters, so keep things simple.
    • Add personalization - everybody hates impersonal, bot-like messages. Also, sending lots of identical emails puts you under suspicion of being a spammer. Make sure your email template includes custom fields, so no two emails will be the same. 
    • Check your prospect list for invalid email addresses - emails sent to non-working addresses bounce back and this harms your deliverability rate. Woodpecker has a built-in email list verification system that automatically checks if each email address exists right before sending.
    • Don’t send all emails at once - that’s not very human-like, is it? And spam filters can sniff it out right away. A tool for sending cold emails should not send all emails at the same time, like newsletter tools do. Cold emails should go out with irregular frequency to avoid sudden sending peaks that would alert spam filters.

    Hope I shed some more light on how to make your emails land smoothly in prospects’ inboxes without any hiccups on the way. Time to summarize what you’ve learnt in this lesson.

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    The higher your email deliverability rate, the better. Learn how to optimize your campaigns to get your emails delivered right into contacts’ main inboxes without any problems.