15 cold email templates that will get you leads

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Who is it for?

Cold email newbies who want to write emails that are proved to work

Outbound beginners who stuck at “hi” and don’t know where to go from there

Salespeople who feel like their outbound emails could be improved

Cold email senders who look for real-life examples with a proven track record of success

What's inside

Formulas proved to work

That you can use in your business context. We gathered a selection of cold email templates that you can learn from while making your first steps in outbound outreach

Tips to write cold emails that convert

Get to know the science behind effective cold emails and learn how you can achieve the same result by applying similar formulas to your cold email copy

What you will learn

  • Tips on how to tailor the templates to your own needs
  • How to write cold emails that convert based on our experience