Cold email course

  • 4.3 How many times should you follow up?
  • The key to follow-ups is to be persistent, but not pushy. You don’t want to come off as irritating, do you? Quality wins over quantity in this case too.

    Sending even just one follow-up email pays off. Our research showed that the first follow-up in a sequence brings a 40% higher reply rate compared to the opening email. Following this line of thinking, every next follow-up should increase conversion even more, but does it?

    Data shows that from the 5th follow-up on, the reply rate increases very little. Investing your time and effort in creating a follow-up sequence longer than that may be worthless.

    The optimal number of follow-up emails seems to be 2-3. That’s how many of them top performers usually send in a sequence. However, I advise you to test what works best for you. 

    Now, how about follow-up frequency? It’s important not to cross the thin line between being persistent and turning annoying. Don’t overdo it. There’s no rule saying how often is too much - just use your common sense. Give contacts at least 1-2 days to get accustomed with your product and respond to you.

    In the next chapter I’ll show you how to enhance follow-ups with advanced personalization and adjust your content to contact’s level of engagement. Let’s move on.

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    Find out how many follow-ups is a sweet spot between being persistent and not pushy.