Cold email course

  • 3.3 Subject line
  • Your prospects will form their first impression of you based on the subject line. So be sure to make it intriguing enough to make your prospects want to open it.

    So how to write a subject line that gets you opens? Stick to these 5 rules:

    • think from your prospect’s point of view
    • Does your subject line address a problem they might be having? Does it promise a benefit they can get from opening your email? Put yourself in their shoes and make the subject line relevant to them, not to you.

    • personalize it
    • Show your prospects that you carefully planned to contact them. Show them you didn’t just send to hundreds of random people hoping that someone will respond.

    • catch their attention
    • Don’t give away everything in the subject line. Intrigue your addressees. Try using a bit of flattery or make them think about an issue they’re having.

    • keep the human vibe
    • This is one of the most crucial things in cold mailing, and yet some people still somehow forget this.

      Remember that you’re writing to a human being, so don’t turn into a bot. Avoid an impersonal, “salesy” tone or being too formal in your messages. This will obviously depend on who you’re addressing, but try to keep it natural and friendly, casual even. Imagine you’re having this conversation in real life with e.g. one of your colleagues.

    • tie it to the rest of the email

    Avoid clickbait. It might get you many opens, but once people see they’ve been tricked into opening an email that isn’t really what it promised to be, they’ll get angry. Not only will they not respond, they might even mark your email as spam, which will hurt your deliverability.

    Catchy and intriguing is great as long as you tie it to the rest of the email.

  • 2 min

    Learn how to write a subject line that boosts the open rate.