Cold email course

  • 4.5 Lesson 4 summary

4.5 Lesson 4 summary

What are the key takeaways from this lesson?

  • Following up always pays off. Remember, sometimes you have to knock on the door more than once to be heard.
  • Don’t treat a follow-up just as a reminder that you’re still awaiting a response. Instead, mention an additional benefit, share a relevant customer case study or spotlight your expertise with great content.
  • Don’t overdo with follow-ups. Usually a 2-3 email sequence brings the best results.
  • Instead, go for quality. Adjust email content to recipient’s engagement. It’s possible with Woodpecker’s If-campaigns.

You can download a handout with a summary of this lesson and additional info below. It’s time to move to the next chapter: cold email campaign optimization.