Send better follow‑up emails

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Who is it for?

  • Salespeople who want to learn to write follow-ups that boost conversion
  • Sales reps who would like to improve their follow‑up strategy
  • Startup owners who seek a recipe for a sales follow‑up email that fits their business context
  • Outbound sales newbies who want to better understand how outbound outreach works

What's inside

Best practices to follow

Trends change and some of the practices that used to work are no longer effective. Find out what are current do’s and don’ts in terms of follow-up email content and follow‑up strategy.

Use cases & business insights

Get inspired by real-life examples of how follow‑ups can help build and maintain business relationships.

Practical guidance

You’ll find actionable tips on how to write a follow-up sequence to turn ice-cold prospects into hot leads. Also, you’ll learn how to scale up the process without losing a personal touch.

What you'll learn

How to create a follow-up email that adds value

What is the optimal follow‑up frequency

Tips to write a sales email follow‑up

How to automate follow‑ups at scale

Author photo

Meg Kawalkowska

Meg writes long-form articles for Woodpecker blog in which she advises people on how to target prospects, nurture leads, and retain customers with email campaigns. She authored research on follow‑up emails just to see which approach is the most effective. Now, she gathered it all together and shares her findings in this ebook.