Together, let's build your 25-day sales cadence & 2x your REPLIES

During this one-time FREE workshop, you'll get a proven cadence of emails, LinkedIn msgs, voicemails, and cold calling scripts, & the exact order to say and send them!

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Webinar timestamps

  • a poll
  • outline of what we’re going to cover today
  • day 1 - discussing “Personalized Email” - where to look for information and how to use it to catch your prospect’s attention
  • day 1 (Pt. 2) - LinkedIn Connection Request - Why should they see your name in the notification section?
  • How many contacts are reasonable to do the 25 sales cadence with?

Useful links & materials

Straight away, Nick makes the case for reaching out clearly and adds and a professional hyperlink to a specific blog post, which increases the credibility of his message.

Nick Cegelski Sales cadence expert

Nick’s success as a cold outbound expert has earned him a following of over 40,000 sales people on LinkedIn

Also his podcast 30MPC, was listened to and downloaded by over 950,000 SDRs, sales leaders, and founder led start-ups last year

Justin Zimmerman Email response expert

Justin has perfected the “art of conversational lead generation” and often achieves a 50% response rate on his campaigns.

His conversational lead generation approach leverages the precision of audience targeting on LinkedIn with the one-to-one email sales automation provided by Woodpecker.