What is the Best Sales Email Tracking Tool in 2024?

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As everyone and their grandmother know, email marketing is by far one of the most effective channels to get new sales for any business. When you do it right, email marketing can produce amazing leads at very low prices. In this case, “doing it right” means using data to guide your decisions.

There are countless metrics and KPIs to follow, thanks to various email marketing tools on the market today. Besides following your open and click-through rates, you should also see what people do with your emails. This is where email tracking software comes in.

Today, we take a look at the very best sales email tracking tools in the market.

What is sales email tracking?

Sales email tracking software monitors the performance and engagement of your sales emails once they go out. These tools help you determine:

  • Open rates
  • Click through rates
  • Conversion rates

And many other metrics. With the right email tracking features, you can learn how to write better emails and optimize everything from the subject line to the CTA to get better results for your campaigns. Email tracking software ensures you’re sending emails strategically rather than spraying and praying that something sticks.

What are the benefits of using sales email tracking software?

If you already have email marketing tools you use every day, perhaps it seems over the top to use email tracking software as well. However, there are some unique advantages of using email tracking tools.

  • Email engagement insights – find out which copy, subject line, CTA, customer pain point and more drive the best engagement
  • Understanding the customer journey – these tools show you where customers are in their journey and sales funnel, showing you which messages to adjust, remove or perhaps send at a different point in time
  • Help you make data-driven decisions – you can confidently say that email copy A outperforms email copy B because your email tracking software told you so
  • Understand how email marketing fits into your overall marketing efforts – your email tracking tools combined with customer relationship management info can tell you

The best sales email tracking tools in 2024

To find the right tool for the job, you need a good mix of email tracking features, ease of use, affordable and transparent pricing, a mobile app and more. Here is the best email tracking software you can get in 2024.



Woodpecker is more than just email tracking software – it’s an entire suite of tools designed to make cold email outreach your most efficient channel. We have two main offers – our Cold Email package and Agency package, both designed to maximize the performance of your email campaigns. Here’s what you can expect.

Email verification – Woodpecker verifies that each email address on your list exists. It eliminates fake, outdated, catch-all, duplicate, temporary and all other types of invalid email addresses.

Sales outreach templates – get inspired by email marketing campaigns that work. Instead of writing cold emails from scratch, use a template from our database and create successful outreach campaigns.

A/B testing – this email tracking feature allows you to compare two sets of emails against each other to see which one performs better. This can show sales teams e.g. which subject lines work best.

Condition-based campaigns and manual task elimination – never write follow up emails manually again. Set conditions for campaigns based on activity. For example, if someone clicks through on an email, they immediately get a follow up email after that – with no manual work involved.

Email warm up and recovery – stay out of trouble with your email service provider by warming up your email address in Woodpecker, even if it’s on Google Workspace. No need to send manual emails ever again.

Deliverability monitor – Woodpecker does more than just open tracking and link tracking. Our sales engagement platform allows you to monitor the deliverability rate of your emails and see if you’re hitting blacklists.

Bounce shield – ensure your emails don’t get blocked by email service providers and that you use the right types of email content, subject lines and more.

With unlimited email tracking, unlimited follow ups and team members, Woodpecker is the right tool for the job for anyone who sends cold emails for sales purposes. Whether you work in sales in your team or you run an agency that does cold outreach, Woodpecker has all the email marketing tools you need in one app.

Price: starts at just $29 per month

Grab your free trial of Woodpecker and get started with free email tracking today!

Right inbox

Right inbox

If you don’t use dedicated email marketing tools and Gmail is your preferred tool of choice. Right Inbox is one of the best email tracking tools for the job. It’s primarily used as an extension for Google Chrome extension that fires up once you’re in a Gmail window.

This free email tracking software lets you set up open and link tracking, so you can learn:

  • Who opened your emails and when
  • How many times they opened it
  • Whether they read the email when they opened it

The email tracking software is just part of the Right Inbox offer. You can also write and schedule emails, create sequences and set reminders for follow ups, use and write templates, sync the data with your favorite CRM and more.

The downside is that this is an email tracking tool and not a sales engagement platform, so don’t expect advanced sales features.

Price: starts at $7.95 per month



If an email tracking tool is just one of the many needs your sales team has, Saleshandy might be a good choice. This is a suite of tools designed to make email outreach effortless and land you more deals with less work.

You can create email sequences and Saleshandy will give them a sequence score, based on the performance of each individual email. You can also schedule automated follow ups based on time from last email or activity that the recipients take.

Inbox warmup is another good feature for people who are new to cold email marketing.

The email tracking feature can be used within the app or as a Google Chrome extension. You can track multiple inboxes at the same time, as well as use a unified inbox for all your email correspondence. If you’re on desktop, you can get push notifications when someone reads and opens your emails.

Price: starts at $25 per month and you get a 7-day free trial



Perhaps you need more than just an email tracking tool – Groove is the customer relationship management (CRM) app for emails. With Groove, you get all the bells and whistles of a dedicated automation platform – sequences, templates, behavior-based emails and triggers and more.

Sales teams will love Groove, as you can set up sequences and for each email, determine what the recipient’s action triggers. For example, if they click through on an email, they get another one, offering them a free demo of your tool.

As a part of Groove.com, this tool features the most common email tracking features, such as open tracking, read receipts, notifications and more.

Price: the tool seems to be free, but you have to grab the full Groove.cm toolset to make the best use of it – that starts at $42 per month



Reply.io is a full-scale sales engagement platform that relies on the power of AI to create and scale email marketing opportunities. The toolset goes beyond email – you can create multichannel sequences and include social selling in your outreach mix as well as book meetings directly from Reply.

You also get access to Reply Data – which is a database of business contacts you can use for outreach. Once you find an email, Reply can validate it to check it’s legitimate and still in use. There’s even a ChatGPT-based chatbot you can add to your website to boost your sales.

The email tracking software works well as you get branded links from Reply.io. This allows you to easily to track who opens and reads your emails – and how long they do it for.

Price: starts at $49 per user per month and there is a free trial

Mailsuite (formerly Mailtrack)

Mailsuite (formerly Mailtrack)

Don’t need all the fancy sales features? Mailsuite is the email tracking software for Gmail and Outlook that does just that – email tracking.

There are some neat features included, such as grouping emails that are similar, so you get email tracking data for different recipients but one type of email. Speaking of which, you can use Mailsuite to create and launch campaigns with up to 10,000 emails.

There are also some unique features, such as mail merge, which allows you to pull email contact data from Excel so you can use personalization for each email sent. Also, you can use Mailsuite to request signatures from recipients directly in Gmail.

Price: starts at 2.99EUR per month, but you get all the advanced features at 5.99EUR and up



If you don’t have sales operations that rely heavily on email just yet, Mailtag can work in a pinch. Like other email tracking tools, it’s built on top of Gmail, allowing you to easily create, schedule and track emails from this app.

It features the basic email tracking tools: open and link click tracking, as well as email scheduling. Besides the first email, you can schedule the follow ups as well. Once the campaign goes out, you can review your results in an analytics dashboard.

Price: $9.99 per user per month

Hubspot sales hub

Hubspot sales hub

Technically, Hubspot does not belong to email tracking tools, but it has the right features to be mentioned here. This CRM is seriously overpowered if you’re just looking for email tracking.

You can store your customers’ information, create custom sequences and emails. The email tracking is fairly advanced and integrated with the rest of their suite.

You get notified immediately after someone opens your email, and you can see their entire interaction with you in one window. For sales reps, this means knowing when to reach out and how qualified the lead is.

You can use this tool to track emails in Hubspot, Gmail and Outlook.

Price: starts at $800 per month



If you want to send emails and SMS messages from a single dashboard, this is a great app that comes with email tracking as a nice extra. The dashboard in this tool gives you all the right information in one place to optimize your email marketing campaigns.

You can see who clicked on your emails and opened them, when they opened them, how long they spent reading them, which countries provide the highest number of opens and clicks and more.

Atompark has a large selection of tools and Email Tracker can be purchased separately from them. The problem? You can’t use it on Gmail or other platforms – just with emails sent from the main Atompark tool.

Price: starts at $12.85 per month



If you already use Mixmax for email prospecting and sequences, you may be familiar with their email tracking tools. It all starts with email templates that you can build and edit and then use to send out email sequences.

Over time, Mixmax allows you to track how someone interacts with your emails – not just one email but entire sequences. This means that you can determine at a glance if someone is a qualified lead or not. Coupled with shared calendars and scheduling integrations with Google Calendar, this makes for a great feature mix for sales teams.

Price: starts at $29 per month

Wrapping up

Using a sales email tracking tool is crucial if you want to approach emails strategically. When you start tracking how your emails perform, you can better understand your email marketing efforts and your audience’s preferences. Today, we listed the best email tracking tools you can try, with their pros and cons.

And if you still don’t know which sales email tracking software to choose – give Woodpecker a try. Our free email tracker does more than just track open and click-through rates. Create emails, templates and campaigns and get more sales with each email that goes out.

Sign up for free today!