Letter from Editor


Dear Woodpecker Blog Readers,

I come to you with exciting news. Soon we are releasing our new blog. We have put a lot of effort into making our blog better. We changed a lot in terms of the entire look, navigation, and content categorization. It’s the biggest make-over since the blog was released in 2015.

You can expect to see: a new blog homepage, better navigation, a new search console, new categories, and a lot of UX improvements.

For us, it’s an accomplishment and also a sign of growth. Cathy created this blog and wanted to educate readers about cold-email best practices, deliverability, and personalization. It has become much more than that. Our blog is a knowledge base of over 300 precisely crafted articles. We would have never come this far without Your feedback and support.

This year was not an easy one for any of us. We had to change our way of working together, the entire company went from working at the office, to working remotely from our homes. Nevertheless, our teams and company structure proved to be efficient and consistent.

Managing my marketing team remotely has been a challenge. But I am lucky enough to have exceptional professionals working with me, that have a sense of mission and want Woodpecker to grow as much as they are growing as specialists.

I would like to take a moment and thank all of my brilliant co-workers that worked on the release of the new blog: Meg, Michał, Asia, Kinga, Sandra, Tomix, Kate, Agata, Dominik, Bartek, Ola, Cathy, and Monika.

I encourage you to write to us, whether it is on our mailbox [email protected] or via our social media accounts. Tell us your thoughts about our content, maybe you would like to collaborate with us or you just have some feedback to share.