Connect Woodpecker with your favorite apps

About UpLead

UpLead is a Prospect List Building Tool that lets you create a high-quality B2B prospect database. Integrating Woodpecker with UpLead means a possibility to directly create personalized cold email campaigns for previously found prospects.

About integration

The Woodpecker + UPLead Integration enables a flawless import of contacts from your UpLead Database into our fully automated cold emailing tool. Log into your UpLead account and choose the option “Connect to my CRM” in your profile tab. Pick Woodpecker from the menu and press connect. Enter your API key from your Woodpecker account.

Key benefits

  • Native integration available in UpLead panel
  • Find best-fitting prospects quickly
  • Create personalized campaigns for previously found prospects
  • You pay only for confirmed and valid email addresses