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About Leadpresso

Leadpresso is a source of future clients for digital agencies, SaaS companies, and B2Bs in more than 30 countries. With over 3000 categories and many unique filters, you can be sure you’ll find the best leads for your Woodpecker campaign. Their database is organized around the largest channel small and medium businesses use to market themselves and communicate with customers – Facebook Business Pages. To make it really work, this data is enriched thanks to using more than 50 sources like websites of businesses, other social networks, ad networks, and others.

About integration

Log in to your Leadpresso account and find leads matching your criteria. Seamlessly export them to Woodpecker in just a few clicks and start contacting them with highly personalized email campaigns.

Key benefits

  • Find only companies that are spending on ads
  • Use thousands of categories for micro-category targeting
  • Personalize campaigns using various data fields from Leadpresso