API Glossary

Explaning Woodpecker specific naming system and in-app terms.

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Every computer system (Woodpecker included) has its own naming system. We find that sometimes it is confusing for potential customers, as well as for developers who want to learn everything they can about every new system they integrate. So, to make it a little bit easier for readers, we came with an idea to explain Woodpecker’s specific naming system.

We are gonna do our best to explain in human-understandable language the ideas behind:

So let’s start:

Woodpecker Agency

Agency – it’s a type of Woodpecker account. Agency means that you have one global account, under which you have your companies (account-like units). This type of account is usually used to manage your customers’ campaigns.

Agency-related actions:

  • Get Agency– you’re able to view your Agencies.
  • Add company – you can add a new company to your Agency account.
  • Add API key – you can access a new API key for your Agency (for tech specs: write to us at [email protected])


Campaign – a unit collecting your prospects to which you’re aiming to send a defined text – your copy. Simply speaking, it is a pattern of messages sent to prospects from a list using a defined sequence.

Campaigns have the following constituent elements: copy (text of your message), prospects (to whom you send), settings (“Delivery Time” and “No sooner than” limitation), sent from (email address used to send messages).

Campaign related actions:

  • Get campaigns – you can see your campaigns. More information here.
  • Add campaigns – adding a new campaign (topic under construction).
  • Edit campaigns – you can update your campaign (topic under construction).
  • Delete campaigns – removing your campaign from the list of campaigns. To do that change your campaign status to “Deleted”.


Mailbox – email account connected to Woodpecker used to send your messages. It also functions as a “Sent From” email address once you chose it. You may have various email addresses connected to Woodpecker and control them through your API.

Mailbox related actions:

  • Get mailboxes – you can see your connected mailboxes.
  • Add mailboxes – you are able to connect new email accounts to Woodpecker.
  • Edit mailbox settings – you can update some credentials (as password) to your account. REMEMBER: editing SMTP address equals connecting new email account.
  • Delete mailbox – you are able to remove your email address.


Prospect – a person you wish to contact. A prospect also denotes a unique email address. We recognize prospects by PROSPECT ID which is a unique value for each prospect. To distinguish the same prospects in different campaigns and companies we connect them to campaign ID and company ID.

Prospect related actions (detailed description here):

  • Get prospect – to see what prospects are in a specific campaign.
  • Add prospects – to add new prospects to the campaigns.
  • Edit prospect – to update the information when, for example, prospect changes their last name.
  • Delete prospect – to remove a prospect from the campaign.

Sum up: the prospect is your person to contact. You can manage them through API in the full functionality allowed by Woodpecker. It means that you can search your prospects, add or remove them, and edit their credentials.


Webhooks are a way of achieving effective communication between applications in the web environment. Webhook is like a user-defined call triggered by events. When the event happens, the source site makes an HTTP “call” to the URL configured for the webhook. How to define your calls and how to pull out from them? You can find more information about subscribing and unsubscribing from webhooks here.

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