[API 1.0] API Glossary

Explaning Woodpecker specific naming system and in-app terms.

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Every computer system (Woodpecker included) has its own naming system. Sometimes it’s confusing for potential customers, as well as for developers who want to learn everything they can about every new system they integrate. So, to make it a little bit easier for the readers, here’s a Woodpecker API glossary.

What you’ll find here:


Campaign is a set of emails or manual tasks you use to contact your potential leads. It consists of the following elements:

  • an email / manual task message,
  • prospects,
  • settings such as delivery time,
  • email address used to send messages.

Here you can learn more about how to create and run successful campaigns.

Campaign related actions:

  • GET campaign_list – browse your campaigns and check their details. Learn more


Prospect is a person you want to contact. Every prospect has a unique email address – there is no possibility in Woodpecker to have two prospects with the same email address. A prospect can be added to multiple campaigns or companies. We distinguish the same prospects in different campaigns and companies by campaign or company ID.

Prospect related actions:

  • GET prospects – browse your Prospect list and check their details.
  • POST add_prospects_list – add prospects to your main Prospect list or update them.
  • POST add_prospects_campaign – add prospects to the specific campaign or update them.
  • DELETE prospects – remove prospects from your Woodpecker database.

You can learn more about managing prospects via API here.

Woodpecker Agency

Agency – it’s a type of Woodpecker account. Agency means that you have one global account, from which you can manage your client’s accounts and campaigns. You can learn more about agencies here.

Agency related actions:

  • GET agency/companies – browse companies you’ve manage.
  • POST agency/companies – add a new company to your Agency account.
  • POST agency/companies/api/add – create new API key for a specific company.

More information about managing companies via API is here.

We are constantly working to make our documentation better. If you have any feedback or ideas for improving our docs or API, feel free to send your thoughts to [email protected] »