Getting Add-ons on Marketplace

Marketplace is where you should go every time you feel like you need an additional slot or you want to purchase one of our add-ons.


1. What are Add-ons
2. Getting Add-ons
3. Removing Add-ons
4. FAQ

1. What are Add-ons?

Add-ons are extra features, not included in the base fee. They will allow you to create more advanced campaigns, increase your daily limit, integrate Woodpecker with other tools or change your dashboard into Agency one.

Add-ons available in Marketplace tab

Currently, our add-ons are different Daily Limits », A/B testing, access to API Key and Integrations », Woodpecker Agency Panel » and Sales Assistant.

2. Getting Add-ons

Once you’ve decided that you want to expand your possibilities in Woodpecker by purchasing one of our add-ons, simply go to the Marketplace → Add-ons. Then click on the icon of the chosen add-on:

Picture pointing to one chosen add-on

Remember that buying any add-ons will add their price multiplied by the number of your slots to your monthly billing. You’ll see this value under the add-on description. You can learn more about how our billing works here »

Then simply click the green button at the bottom:

Picture with chosen add-on and a button to add it

After confirming, your newly purchased add-on content will be unlocked for your account.

Remember that: Buying add-ons for Agency will automatically apply them to the slots under all the companies. Read more about running an agency account »

3. Removing Add-ons

If you wish to remove one of your active add-ons, you can simply do so by clicking Remove add-on at the bottom of its page.

Picture with arrow pointing to

4. FAQ

Q: Can I buy an add-on for only a part of my slots?

No, as once you’ll purchase one of our add-ons its content will be implemented to all your slots, and its price will be multiplied by the number of them that you have and added to your billing.

Q: Do I pay for it once or monthly?

The price of the add-on multiplied by the number of slots will be added to your monthly (or annually) billing. If you add your add-on in the middle of the billing cycle you’ll pay the prorated amount for it upfront. In case you decide to remove the add-on, the payment difference will be returned as a discount on the next payment.