Woodpecker Agency: Quickstart Guide

There are only few steps to take to ensure that your Agency account is properly configured and to get the most out of its features.

Woodpecker Agency dashboard can be purchased as an add-on in the Marketplace tab. Click here to see how it works »

First Setup

Switching between Woodpecker Agency and Agency HQ

Woodpecker Agency is where you can manage all your Clients. Agency HQ allows you to run campaigns for your own client, and change any settings (such as Billing Data, and Agency Options).

To switch between your Woodpecker Agency and Agency HQ panels, just expand the menu in the upper-right corner and select Agency HQ.

Switching between panels to Agency

In this dashboard, slots are shared between your Agency account and companies under you. There is no Marketplace tab in the Agency panel and clients’ account.

Note: If you decide to purchase any add-ons, remember that you can only do so for all the slots under your Agency, which means that you’re buying them for all of the slots and their price will be multiplied by the number of slots you currently have.

Billing Data and Pricing

You can review your payments and pricing, and update your Billing Data at any time in your Agency HQ.

Navigate to Settings → Billing → Summary to take a look at your estimated amount for the next payment and payment details. Learn where to find your invoice.


Note: the final price of your slot can be calculated by dividing Estimated Payments by the number of slots you have. All the discounts we agreed to will be implemented there, so you’ll always see the base price of the slot ($69 as above for example) in the first panel of the Summary.


In this tab, you can see all your Active clients (at the top), as well as the Inactive ones.

Active clients

woodpecker-agency-quickstart-guide image

Inactive clients

woodpecker-agency-quickstart-guide image

How to use this panel:

  • (1) Drop-down icon;
    Gears icon

    gives you the option to edit the Client’s name, select the owner, manage email accounts, and grant access to any Team member.

    Gif showing options under drop-down icon and switching one account on
  • (2) this column lists the Clients’ names;

  • Owner (3) is the user who owns/manages this Client;

  • In-Slot accounts (4) is the number of email accounts that are currently active and connected to your slots (on the right are accounts in campaigns and on the left is the number of all active accounts);

  • Running Campaigns (5) gives you the number of campaigns running for that client at present;

  • To be contacted (6) informs about the sending of e-mails;
  • Off/On (7)

    woodpecker-agency-quickstart-guide image

    is the little switch that allows you to fully deactivate or reactivate a client – either way, just click it;

  • Log in icon (8) will take you directly to that client’s sub-account. That’s where you can modify any settings for that client, update the prospect base, and create or edit any campaigns;

Managing Email Accounts and Slots

If you stumble upon an error pop-up while trying to activate a greyed-out email account informing you about no empty slots, you’ll need to go to your Agency HQ to purchase them.

Information about no empty slots

In your Agency HQ, go to Marketplace → Email slots and click on the “Add slots” button. Remember that you need admin user privileges to do so.

Remember, that while adding a slot, you’ll pre-pay prorated amount for it for the time left till the next payment date. Alternatively, to empty the slot, you can deactivate one of the connected email accounts which you do not need for sending. Here you can learn more about Managing Email Accounts »

Once you’ll have an empty slot you can activate the email account which you want to use for sending and use it in the campaign.

Gif showing options under drop-down icon and switching one account on

Keep in mind that managing slots under Agency works in the same way as in the main Cold Email Account. After you deactivate your chosen email account, you need to disable the slots in use in order to avoid paying for them.

Guest viewers in Agency

Users invited to your Agency are called Guest viewers. When you add one, you can choose to give them more authority by check-marking the “Can add and manage their email accounts” box in the invitation process.

woodpecker-agency-quickstart-guide image

Guest viewers can add their own mailboxes. They will be able to see every mailbox connected to this client but only operate on their own, i.e. reconnect it or remove it. Besides that, they will be able to manage their general settings.

Guest viewers have the ability to review the Client’s campaign results and export the data from them. This can be done from the Prospects tab in a chosen campaign, and the whole process is explained in this help article »

The thing they won’t be able to do is add their mailbox to the warm-up process, even though it’s available for regular users.

Adding users in the “Guest viewers” tab won’t affect the payment, as you won’t be buying additional slots.

Outreach Calendar

Outreach Calendar is where you can review all campaigns (for all Clients) which have been sent Today.

Outreach Calendar tab for Clients

Outreach Calendar tab for Clients 2

What you can get from the list:

The arrow icon (1) entry gives you a brief overview of all campaigns and emails in that Client.

  • Client’s name (2),

  • who manages that Client: Owner (3),
  • how many emails have been sent already: Sent (4),

  • To narrow down the list, use filters (5), and filter by Owner.
  • what is the active campaigns’ Delivery Time (6) (for that campaign),


woodpecker-agency-quickstart-guide image

Here you can see your client’s performance in a given period of time. For more information about the Deliverability tab, check our help article under the Woodpecker Agency section »