Agency panel: First Setup

Get all manual tasks created on your account with Woodpecker API 2.0


  1. Switching between Agency HQ and Agency panel

  2. Agency Settings

  3. Notification emails

  4. Billing Data and Pricing

Woodpecker Agency dashboard can be purchased as an add-on in the Marketplace.Click here to see how it works »

Switching between Agency HQ and Agency panel

Woodpecker Agency panel is where you can manage all your Clients. Agency HQ allows you to run campaigns for your own client, and change any settings (such as Billing Data, and Agency Options).

To switch between your Agency HQ and Agency panels, just expand the menu in the upper-right corner and select Agency Beta.

Switching between panels to Agency

In this dashboard, slots are shared between your Agency account and companies under you. There is no Marketplace tab in the Agency panel and clients’ account.

Note: If you decide to purchase any add-ons, remember that you can only do so for all the slots under your Agency, which means that you’re buying them for all of the slots and their price will be multiplied by the number of slots you currently have.

Agency Settings

Safety tab

agency-panel-first-setup image

This is the place where you can blacklist domains or emails you don’t want to contact ever. Prospects with domains included in the Safety tab list will be assigned the BLACKLISTED status.

The process is fairly simple, and it doesn’t differ much from the Safety tab on a base Cold Email Woodpecker account. Those domains added to the Safety tab in the Agency panel will be blacklisted for every Client under Agency.

By doing this, you can make sure that certain domains/prospects won’t be contacted via any of the clients created under your Agency.

For more information on the Safety tab and domain blacklisting, read our help article here »

Notification emails

This tab is where you can set up email notifications that will be sent to your clients. You can write any notification yourself, and don’t need to mention using Woodpecker – they are white-labeled.

There are three types of notifications you can set up:

  • Confirmation email: used when connecting a client’s email to Woodpecker – the email will be sent to the account you’re trying to connect,

  • Invitation email: used when sending an invitation to the guest, or as a reminder, if the new guest hasn’t configured the account,

  • Recovery password email

How to set it up?

In your Agency Panel, navigate to Settings → Notification emails.

  • Select the sender’s email address (it needs to be connected to Woodpecker).

  • Click on the “Edit” icon to personalize your email. Type in the subject and message for each notifier. Don’t forget to click the “Save” button afterward!

  • Send your test email.

agency-panel-first-setup image

You can add snippets to the message, but their number is limited compared to the campaign email editor. A fixed snippet for the “Accept invite” and “Reset password” links will ensure that it always works inside the email. If you forget to add it to your copy, Woodpecker will notify you and won’t let you send the invitation/recovery password email without the link.

agency-panel-first-setup image

After adding a link, it is possible to edit the whole message of your email to whatever suits your business needs.

Billing Data and Pricing

You can review your payments and pricing, and update your Billing Data at any time in your Agency HQ panel. Keep in mind that the Billing tab will be visible to you only if you’re the Owner of the Agency.

Navigate to Settings → Billing → Summary to look at your estimated amount for the next payment and payment details. If you can’t locate it, learn where to find your invoice.

Billing summary for Agency

Note: the final price of your slot can be calculated by dividing Estimated Payments by the number of slots you have. All the discounts we agreed to will be implemented there, so you’ll always see the base price of the slot in the first panel of the Summary.