How to blacklist a domain?

Safety tab feature blocks the outgoing mail. Add the domains of the companies you don't want to contact ever.


How it works
How to add a domain to Safety tab?

How it works

Gif of adding domains for blacklisting

Sometimes you would like to avoid sending emails to any person from a given domain. For example, you finalized a sale and there is no need to cold email that particular company again. Despite your best efforts, it might happen that somebody from that company gets included in a future campaign.

To avoid the risk of sending unwanted emails that can make you look unprofessional, we have implemented the possibility to add a whole company to the blacklist. This way no email from that domain will be contacted even if it is added accidentally to a future campaign.

Below we are explaining how to do this in a few simple steps.

How to add a domain to the Safety tab?

1. First, go to SETTINGS → COMPANY SETTINGS → Safety.

Click on the ADD DOMAIN button to blacklist some domains.

When you are there for the first time, probably no domain has been blacklisted yet.

Adding a domain in the Safety tab under Company settings

2. Type in the domain you want to blacklist.

Say that I do not want to send any cold emails to my company. Our domain is I also do not want to contact anybody from domain, so I type it as well — just hit Enter on your keyboard and write it in a new line.

4. When you’re done typing, just hit the ADD button.

Information about success with adding domains to blacklist

5. You will see the updated list of blacklisted domains.

Next to each domain, you will find the number of prospects that have already been included in your campaigns and that will be effectively removed from any further communication via Woodpecker.

Blacklisted domains


Q: Can I remove a domain from the blacklist later?

Yes, please remember that by deleting this domain from the blacklist you allow Woodpecker to send emails to this company. To remove the domain from the blacklist, click “Delete 1 domain” or the grey X next to it.

Deleting a domain from a list

After you’ve chosen the domain, click the DELETE button to confirm your action.

For Agencies

Global blacklist

You can also block email addresses or whole domains from your Agency level. By doing this, you can make sure that certain domains/prospects won’t be contacted via any of the companies created under your Agency.

Safety tab in Agency panel

Q: Can I remove multiple domains from the blacklist at the same time?

Yes, removing more than one domain from the list at once is also possible. Just checkmark the domains you want to remove from the blacklist, you can use the ” Select all domains” link, and then click ‘Delete 2 domains’ on the right above the table.

Selecting all domains to delete

Q: Can I export or download the list of blacklisted domains from Woodpecker?

For now, this option isn’t available on Woodpecker. However, you can always reach out to our Support team so they could help you out.

Q: I added a domain to the blacklist in Settings. Will Woodpecker automatically change the status to BLACKLISTED for all the addresses on this domain?

Yes, but for not all of them at once.

Here’s how it works:

If you add a domain to the blacklist in Settings, Woodpeckers automatically creates a kind of a “gate” that will prevent messages to those addresses from being sent.

So the addresses on this domain will not be instantaneously marked as BLACKLISTED the moment you blacklist their domain in Settings. But if you accidentally try to use them in one of your future campaigns, Woodpecker will automatically set their status to BLACKLISTED upon the attempt of sending them an email.

Q: What happens if I remove a domain from the blacklist in Settings? Will all the addresses on this domain be automatically marked as ACTIVE in Woodpecker?

No. The status BLACKLISTED never changes automatically in Woodpecker. If you deliberately want to change it for another status, you need to do it manually on the main list of Prospects.

Here’s how it works:

No statuses will be changed when you remove a domain from the blacklist in Settings. Removing a domain from the blacklist simply means removing the “gate” preventing the emails on this domain from being sent.

If some of those contacts were marked as ACTIVE, they will get your future emails. If some of those contacts have been marked as BLACKLISTED in the meantime, they still won’t get any emails from Woodpecker. If you deliberately want to send them your campaigns, you need to manually change their status into ACTIVE.