Cold Mailing Glossary letter p

Predictable Revenue

Predictable Revenue is a framework that creates consistent business growth based on a formula, which Aaron Ross presented in his master-class book under the same title. The formula removes the need for guesswork and sales hustling. Instead, it depends on the calculated prediction into how much revenue your business can consistently generate.

Sales organization specialization

Ross states: “Building a highly productive, modern sales organization requires increasing specialization.”
This specialization includes a prospecting process that allows sales reps to build the skills required to define future successes. But how does that specialization work?

Predictable lead generation

Identifying leads that already hold an interest in your product, targeting them and tracking them to conversion removes the guesswork of traditional cold calls.

Dedicated sales development teams

Your team connects marketing and sales, each with their own specialty—from lead generation to demonstration, finally closing, and then nurturing an established relationship for future sales and renewals.

Consistent sales systems

Documenting the process from beginning to end creates a system for every member of the sales team to adhere to—delivering consistency, every step of the way.

Cold Calling 2.0

Cold calling is the process of contacting anybody and everybody to try and introduce a product and make a sale.
Cold Calling 2.0 sidesteps the connections with the wrong people, reducing wasted time and resources. It introduces an outbound sales team to generate leads from real, useable data. That data provides contacts that have an existing interest in your industry and your product.

Different sales roles for different jobs

No single person is expected to manage every part of the process. Individuals are trained in a given role to specialize in their part of the process, to ensure the highest chance of success.

  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying
  • Problem-solving
  • Negotiating
  • Closing
  • Account management

At the top of your process are your Prospectors. They are dedicated to generating qualified leads. These come from established customer profiles, including the industry and the positions of the people you can sell to.

The second step is making contact to establish a relationship. These specialized sales staff are your Qualifiers.
The Qualifiers hand validated leads over to the Closers. The Closers are the account executives trained to seal the deal.

Then come the account managers; they are your Farmers. Their purpose is to expand the account and manage further sales and renewals.

Read on (through the book, of course) for everything else you need to know about Ross’s system.