Measure what works
best & improve your campaigns

Woodpecker features

Track open rates

Keep a live track of how many people opened your messages. Find out when your emails get opened most often.

Woodpecker Stats View

Track reply rates

See how many people responded to each of your messages and your campaign in general. Read what the reply rate may tell you about your campaign. Use the stats to improve your email copy.

See how many replies were positive

Measure and improve the actual effectiveness of your outreach by marking the replies as interested, maybe later or not interested. Once you got a positive reply, turn it into a valuable business dialog.

Woodpecker Interest Level

Count the clicks on your links

Measure click-through rates of the links you put into your emails and follow-ups.

Woodpecker Link Tracking

Control bounce rates

Discover how many of your emails got bounced and control the rate of invalid email addresses in your contact base. Learn more about the difference between bounces and invalids. Make sure your domain always has good reputation.

Get valuable insights from your campaign statistics