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Professional & deliverability‑friendly

You want to make sure your email signature presents you well - but that's not all. Create a professional email signature that doesn't mess up your deliverability

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Email signature templates that meet your needs

Use the simplest template for email warm-up or regaining good email deliverability, or a more advanced one if you'd like to include more info.

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Professional email signatures for companies

If your colleague generated their email signature with us, have them send you the HTML code. Change the data and create your own signature to keep them concise across the company.

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How to make an email signature?

Pick a template and fill it with your personal & professional details.

Style it the way you like it. Choose the font & color, and what the icons should look like.

Get a professional email signature that makes you look good & won't harm your email deliverability.

Follow our step-by-steps to add your brand new email signature to Woodpecker, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! or Apple Mail.

Got your email signature? Great. Now it's time to make your email signatures look professional and concise across the whole company. Send the HTML code you've downloaded to your colleagues, so they can easily modify it with their data in our generator.

Why use Woodpecker Email Signatures?


A messy email signature can send your emails to spam. With our generator, you can create email signatures that work well for deliverability.


Pick the template, fonts & colors you like best to build an email signature. Make it your own.


Do you like freebies? You don't have to pay a single dime nor penny for your new professional email signature.