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There are dozens of sales enablement tools out there, but what makes Woodpecker special is that no other product on the market allows you to scale one to one conversations with prospects and customers in such a personalized way. We couldn't build ProfitWell without Woodpecker.
Patrick Campbell
Co-Founder and CEO at Price Intelligently & ProfitWell
I am very satisfied with Woodpecker. It is very easy to use, practical and their support team is very responsive. We are using it a lot and we'll continue to use it.
Ana Todorović
Sales Development Representative at Content Insights
When we set out to look for an outbound email marketing tool, we looked at so many different services. When we found Woodpecker, we gave it a look and found that this was the one tool that did everything we needed. Once we tried it, we were hooked. It was so easy to set up, the perfect UI, with all the settings you need, and none of the ones you didn't. Couldn't be happier with Woodpecker.
Mark Fromson
CEO and Co-Founder at
The tool is great! I was using a competitor and got really frustrated with it. Then found Woodpecker and was able to get set up and going in a few minutes. I love the stats, too.
Brittany Joiner
Marketing Manager at Causely, Inc.
I'm building a start-up and I need to learn fast what my target group wants and needs. Cold outreach allows me to do that as I can directly contact my prospects. I couldn't afford spending half of my day sending emails. Woodpecker saves a couple hours a day. My favorite part is that it catches replies and sends follow-ups only to those who haven't responded.
Andrzej Morawski
CEO at
Woodpecker automatically verifies the activity of our prospects and adjusts statuses based on their reaction or lack of it. Another thing I pay attention to when looking for new tools is how intuitive the UI is. And to be honest, Woodpecker really convinced me with its friendly and swift interface.
Michał Konieczny
New Business Manager at

Marketing and Lead Gen Agencies

My experience with Woodpecker has been awesome! Seriously, everything has worked flawlessly and it’s so easy to keep track of and measure everything. Not to mention top-notch customer service.
Mike Harrington
Founder at Authority Advantage
I am pleased with Woodpecker. Their team is helpful in making things work for me and my project is moving forward because of that. In most cases, I'm getting a response or a resolution the same day or the next day. The tool does what it promises to do.
Dmytro Gorbachov
M&A and Business Turnaround Professional
Woodpecker has been a terrific automation tool for our cold prospecting activities. I've worked with the tool for well over a year and the product was continually being improved with new features and refined by the Woodpecker team. To boot their customer service is excellent.
Sandor Kiss
Sales & Marketing Advisor, President at TeamThink Inc.
My experience with Woodpecker has been really good. I use it to follow up with my clients' connections from LinkedIn outreach campaigns. Our prospects still tend to use email more often than LinkedIn messenger, so Woodpecker is a great way to follow up and stir conversations.
Tyson Knauf
Strategic Advisor at Knauf Solutions
It’s been phenomenal. Woodpecker has generated thousands of recurring revenue for me and my clients.
Michael Kearse
Client Acquisition Expert
It's a solid platform for the price. The best feature by far is the easy to understand visualisation of campaign metrics at a glance, allowing even beginners to analyse their data in seconds.
Ryan Gardiner
Web Consultant and Owner at DCI Digital

Software houses

Woodpecker is by far the best and most reliable cold mailing and link building tool that I’ve ever used. It’s a piece of cake to schedule and analyze my campaigns, export data, edit, and add contacts. I can also add many "if" conditions to send prospects into alternate flows. This tool is brilliant for small scale email campaigns.
Tom Potanski
CEO & Founder at DevsData LLC
We've got a reply to a 5th follow-up sent from Woodpecker, which turned into a deal on a long-term project with a big client.
Bartosz Robaszewski
CEO & Founder at Look4app
This is a very user-friendly tool. The open rate is significantly higher than it was when I was using other mailing systems. I like that all replies get directly to my inbox. Plus, the ability to see the replies in Woodpecker as well makes work much easier if you use more than one email account for outreach campaigns.
Marek Tyniec
Marketing Specialist at XFive
Woodpecker helped us polish and automate our sales processes. The tool is highly intuitive. Using it in a proper way dramatically increased the number of leads for Beside the Park. Give it a try!
Emilia Schudy
New Business Manager at Beside the Park
Woodpecker is clean and quite quick, which means great user experience. It does almost everything I would want it to do – by default! The pricing model seems fair. Generally speaking, I'm very happy with Woodpecker and I'm recommending it further.
Lovre Bošnjak
Founder & CEO at Encode Ltd
Woodpecker allowed us to streamline and automate the whole cold emailing process and it has helped us initialize two huge projects so far. The interface is very intuitive and user friendly.
Filip Kałamaga
Growth Manager at Future Processing

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