Skyrocket your sales

There’s still a bit of time left ‘till the next Black Friday. Maybe test Woodpecker in the meantime?

Optimize your workflow and drive more sales

  • Unmatched deliverability

    Your emails are sent at random time gaps to imitate manual sending, and email addresses get validated in real-time so you avoid hard bounces.

  • A/B tests

    Test up to 5 versions of a subject line or email copy at a time, and get a data-based glimpse into how effective each of them is.

  • Personalization

    Use custom snippets & keep the human touch in your emails so prospects feel like you’ve written each of the messages individually.

  • Integrations

    Make your daily job easier by syncing Woodpecker with the tools you’re already using.

  • Multichannel campaigns

    Combine email with calling and LinkedIn manual tasks for a truly powerful cold outreach.

  • Deliverability Monitor

    Monitor your deliverability trends across all campaigns and accounts and nip possible deliverability issues in the bud.