How to use our custom fields (snippets)?

Custom fields – or snippets, as we call them, give your message a human touch and let you personalize your emails.

While creating a new campaign you may face the problem of what kind of content it should include. Our tip? Using custom fields! Find out more about them on our blog.

How to include our custom fields :

1. Click the blue curly brackets {{ }} to show snippets.
2. Select one of the custom fields (for example, UNSUBSCRIBE link).
3. Click on the chosen snippet to add it to your message.

Gif with adding snippets to email

Change the look of your snippets using:

1. Email Editor

Image showing options in email editing

Use bold, italic, or underline to change the look of your copy.

Here’s how to do that:

Gif of editing the text in email editor

Preview of the message:

Preview of the message


  1. Add a snippet.

  2. Change Text view to HTML one </>

  3. Use HTML to style it, eg. <b> for bold, <i> for italic, <u> for underlined text.

  4. Don’t forget to close your tag </>

    Image with an arrow pointing to the icon for

Here’s the preview of your message:

Image with a prieview of the opening message with missing snippets in red colour


Before you hit the SEND button, preview your campaign to check if all of the custom fields are in the right place.

Image with an arrow pointing to the

If you’d like to learn more about our unsubscribe link, head over to our articles on How to include the opt-out in your campaign and How to use GDPR encryption and unsubscribe.

Please note:

When trying to send your campaign to prospects who are missing the snippets which you included in your copy, you may notice the To Check tab marked with red color. Please add the missing fields and update your prospect’s data to send the rest of your emails. You can read our article about the missing snippet issue to properly fix it.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of using custom fields and how it helps to deliver your emails?

Have a look at our blog article How Does Personalization Affect Cold Email Deliverability?