What does the tab “To Check” mean?

This tab informs you that we paused sending emails to some of your prospects.

You can find 5 categories in the To Check tab: Missing Snippet, Autoreply, Other Campaign, Secondary Reply, and Manual. Open the flagged category to see which prospect has been paused and the reason why.

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Categories explained:

Missing Snippet – Woodpecker cannot send a message to a prospect with a missing snippet.
Autoreply – you received an autoresponder. Set a new date for the follow-ups.
Other campaign – prospect has been added to or found in another campaign.
Secondary Reply – prospect has replied from another email address.
Manual – prospect’s status has been changed manually.

Tip: Knowing Woodpecker statuses will come in handy when reading this article. Have a quick look at all statuses which you can find in Woodpecker.


Your prospect is assigned status PAUSED (MISSING SNIPPET) because some snippets (our custom fields) are missing.

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What does it mean?

Let’s say that in the campaign you included one of our snippets, for example, {{FIRST NAME}}. However, you forgot to add this information to your Prospects database when importing. Because of that missing data (column marked in red!), we cannot send them your email.

What can you do now? You have 4 options:

  • Fill in the missing snippets and click the “Send” button so that Woodpecker can send your emails.tab-to-check image
  • Remove the snippet from your email body.
  • Delete the prospect from the campaign.
  • Bulk change the status of some prospects.


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Here you can see prospects who have sent you an autoresponder (out-of-office reply). These prospects were assigned status AUTOREPLIED locally – in the campaign, and the follow-ups have been suspended.

What can you do now?

If you wish to continue sending, choose the date to resume. Here, you can also change the prospect status by selecting one from the dropdown menu.

Tip: You can choose the date of the next contact for that prospect also in Inbox.

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Learn more about what happens if a prospect sets an autoresponder.


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There are 3 cases when your prospect is assigned status PAUSED (OTHER CAMPAIGN):

  • Your prospect has been marked as replied in another campaign.
  • Your prospect has been added to another campaign.
  • Your prospect has sent you a message but we cannot match it.

What can you do now?

See the details to review the message.

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Sometimes your message gets forwarded to another person who then answers to your email. When this happens, Woodpecker marks your prospect as PAUSED (Secondary Reply.)

This means that we were not able to assign this email to your prospect because the email address is different but we believe that it is related to the particular campaign and it may be a reply from someone else from the same organization. Then, you’ll have a chance to check it and review in the tab “To Check” → Secondary Reply. Click the dropdown to change their status.

Learn more about what happens if a prospect replies from another email address.


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When you change your prospect’s status manually to PAUSED (MANUAL), they will be marked as such in the campaign. You’ll be able to review them in the category Manual.

What can you do now?

  • Change your prospect’s status to ACTIVE to unpause the sending.
  • In case the prospect asked you to be removed from the campaign, change their status to OPT-OUT.
  • Alternatively, choose one of the remaining statuses.

Sometimes it may happen that your prospect will be added to more than one category in the To Check tab, for example, in MISSING SNIPPET and OTHER CAMPAIGN. Don’t worry, you’ll be notified about it. Review all the categories to continue sending.

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