Sending Limits in Woodpecker App

All about sending limits in Woodpecker - what is Daily Limit, how many emails can be sent from the campaign, and what are sending intervals.


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Daily Limit

Daily Limit sets how many prospects can be enrolled in the first step of your campaign.

Daily limit with 50 prospects a day enrolled

The daily sending limit is the maximum number of opening emails (or steps) that can be sent out (or created) within 24 hours using one slot.

Gif showing changing the daily limit in a campaign

You can change it in the campaign edit mode at any time. Just click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the page and adjust the number of prospects enrolled daily to your needs.

Remember that purchasing a higher Daily Limit add-on won’t automatically change the values in your campaign. Those need to be updated manually.

Your top limit will depend on the purchased Daily Sending Limit add-on. It can be either maximum of 50, 200, or 5500 (with Unlimited option) prospects. Learn more about purchasing add-ons here »

Daily limits available in Marketplace

This limit is applied per slot, which means that you can send (or create) as many emails (tasks) as your add-on allows you via one email address connected to your slot.

Read more about Daily Limit »

If you’ll be running several campaigns using one slot, your Daily Limit will be shared between them.

Email Account Limits

In the Email Account Settings, under the Sending section, you can find two other limits which will determine how many emails you will be able to send through your email account daily.

You can enter the Email Account Settings by clicking on the gear icon next to the email address connected to Woodpecker.

Accounts tab with the

There, choose the Sending section from the menu on the left side.

Picture with an arrow pointing to the Sending tab

In the Sending section, you’ll find two limits: daily and hourly. The daily limit sets how many emails, including both opening emails and follow-ups, can go out in the 24h period through a connected email account.

Hourly limit tells Woodpecker how many emails our app can send in one hour. This limit is dictated by set intervals between each email sent. Keep its value in mind when selecting sending hours for your campaign.

You can change both of those limits by simply putting your desired numbers instead of our default ones.

Gif with changing the sending limits for the account

Don’t forget to save your new configuration.

Picture with an arrow pointing to

Remember that the number of emails that you’ll send might have an impact on your deliverability »

Providers’ limits

The last limit that you need to keep in mind while sending emails through Woodpecker is sending limits set by your email provider.

Those will differ between each of them, however, you can check them out in our article about Sending limits of various Email Service Providers »

Campaign with error

Keep in mind that exceeding your provider’s limits might end up with a blockage put on your sending address. It will stop your emails from going out from Woodpecker. In that case, you’ll see the You’ve reached your provider’s sending limit error »


Q.: What is the maximum number of emails that I can send out from Woodpecker from one email account?

The maximum number of emails that you can send in the 24h period from the Woodpecker App is 5500.

Q.: If I run two campaigns at the same time from one email account – do they share the limits?

Yes, they will share both the Daily Limit and the overall limit of the email address connected to Woodpecker. We have an article covering the topic of Sending several campaigns from one mailbox » in more detail.

Q.: My provider’s limit is 2000 emails per day. What will happen if I send more than that?

Your provider will most likely block you from sending once you reach their limit. If you’ll do that more often, you’re risking getting blocked for a longer time and hurting your sender’s reputation.

Q.: What are the best limits to have?

It depends on your cold mailing goals. However, our default limits are set to secure your deliverability so you can always simply stick to them.