What is Daily Limit?

Daily Limit sets how many prospects can be contacted by opening emails through certain email addresses.

1. How it works
2. How to increase it
3. FAQ

1. How it works

Daily Limit is the maximum number of opening emails (or steps) that can be sent out (or create) within 24 hours using one slot. This is useful to manage your campaign flow and deliverability and keeps it under control.

This limit only applies to the opening steps, not the follow-ups. Sending individual emails in the cadence may overlap, and the follow-ups are prioritized in that case.

You can set this number while creating an opening email in your campaign – by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the edit page. Depending on your Add-on, you’ll be able to set it up to 50, 200 prospects or even go higher than that with the Unlimited Daily Sending add-on.

daily-sending-limit image

Note: This limit is applied for each slot, which means that if you are running multiple campaigns using one email address, your Daily Sending Limit will be divided into them.

2. How to increase it

If you feel like your limit is not enough to fulfill your campaign goals feel free to increase it using our add-ons. Besides our basic limit, which is 50, you can purchase a daily limit of 200 or even go unlimited. Learn more about purchasing add-ons here »

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Once you activate it you can change the number of daily limits in the campaign edit mode.

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Remember that even with unlimited opening emails you must keep in mind your email providers limits » in order not to get blocked by them.

Note: if you want to raise this cap above 500, please contact us at [email protected]


Q: Is this limit applied per campaign?

This limit is applied per slot, which means that you can send as many emails as your add-on allows you via one email address connected to your slot. This means that if you happen to have one prospect in two campaigns our system will count it as two separate opening emails.

Q: Is this limit also applied for follow-ups?

No, this limit only applies to opening emails. Follow-ups are only limited both by your email providers’ servers’ limits and the general limits of an email account in Woodpecker.

Q: Is the Daily Limit a set number or I can set the value by myself?

Our Daily Limit is the maximum number of prospects that can receive an opening message. You can change this number to anything that will fit you best, as long as it will stay under your Daily Sending add-on limits.

Q: I don’t need Unlimited Daily Sending – can I remove this add-on?

Yes, you can remove it by purchasing another Daily Limit, with a limit of either 50 or 200. Then your currently active limit will be automatically removed.