Sending limits of various Email Service Providers

Learn how many emails you can send using Woodpecker.

Important: Any new or inactive mailbox needs to be warmed up before sprinting with the delivery of your emails.

Learn more about it in this article: How to Warm Up My Email Address before Cold Outreach?

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ESP Daily Limit Other limits Notes Link
Free Gmail account 100 messages via SMTP (but 500 emails via browser). 20 emails / 1 hour We usually don’t recommend sending cold email campaigns from a regular free Gmail account but setting up an address on a separate domain using G Suite. Click
G Suite 2000 emails (500 on trial) None (officially) G Suite accounts are blocked for 24 hours after exceeding the limits. Click
Office365 10 000 emails 30 per minute Click
GoDaddy (Workspace) 500 emails 300 emails per hour, 200 emails per minute It’s relatively easy to hit these limits on Workspace if you’re running multiple campaigns. Click
Rackspace 10 000 emails None (officially) Automated email and spam are restricted at much lower limits to protect the integrity of the system. Click

You need to be mindful of these limits when using Woodpecker. When first setting up your mailbox in the App, you will be given the suggested limit to use with it; this limit, after you confirm, will additionally be applied to that mailbox in Woodpecker. Learn how Woodpecker sends emails.

Take care of the deliverability of your emails

Every email provider needs to rely on anti-spam filters that protect their network from spammers – these can be considered the “second limit” (which is never made public for security reasons). Thus, while there might be no strict limits officially, there is a list of good practices when sending large volumes of emails that help avoid having your emails classified as spam.

Bear in mind that quality cold outreach should never aim to hit these limits; while striving for “quality, not quantity”; the key to success is to send highly personalized emails. Read more »