How to connect your Dux-Soup account?

IN THIS ARTICLE: How it works How to activate a LinkedIn account How to deactivate a LinkedIn account Inbox FAQ LinkedIn accounts are a part of the Sales Assistant add-on. Click here to learn more about it and here to…


LinkedIn accounts are a part of the Sales Assistant add-on. Click here to learn more about it and here to know how to get it on Marketplace »

How it works

If you wish to add a LinkedIn account to Woodpecker, go to the Settings → Accounts tab → LinkedIn subtab.

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Note: if you do not have any free slots you won’t be able to activate newly added LinkedIn accounts. You can always deactivate one of the currently active accounts and replace its slot with a new one. Learn how to add a new LinkedIn slot to your Woodpecker account »

Once you connect your LinkedIn accounts, you can switch their status between Active and Inactive in order to manage them or to add additional ones.

How to activate a LinkedIn account

To activate your LinkedIn account, simply hit a switch button next to it. After that, you’ll see it changing its color to orange, which means your LinkedIn account is now active and available for performing actions in a campaign.

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An active account allows you to use it in a LinkedIn Automation task for viewing profiles, and sending out connection requests or direct messages on LinkedIn. It is important to keep it active as long as your campaign isn’t marked as ‘Completed in order not to miss any response from your recipients.


Keep in mind that you won’t see the activation switch button if you do not have any free slots to which this LinkedIn account can be connected.

How to deactivate a LinkedIn account

Once you’ve finished your campaign using a certain LinkedIn account, you can deactivate it by clicking on the switch button next to Actions Limit.


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Remember that Woodpecker will not track incoming responses for deactivated LinkedIn accounts. That means the statistics will no longer be generated and the new LinkedIn replies for your campaigns won’t show up in Woodpecker Inbox. All your currently running campaigns using this account will be paused when the time for the LinkedIn task approaches.


Deactivating an account gives you the opportunity to add a new LinkedIn account (or activate another one) without the need to delete an unused one. You can keep them all connected to Woodpecker and toggle between them as you need.


For each of the connected LinkedIn account with an active Dux-Soup integration, you can see the conversations from LinkedIn in Woodpecker’s inbox.


Click on the Inbox at the top of the page and then on the “LinkedIn” tab. All LinkedIn accounts connected to Woodpecker will be visible on the left, and after clicking on each, you’ll see the conversations from LinkedIn where a prospect replied to you.



Q: Will I be billed for the LinkedIn accounts connected to Woodpecker?

No, your bill is based on the number of slots you have and add-ons. Connecting LinkedIn accounts is free of charge. Here you can read more about our billing »


Q: Why can’t I click the switch button to activate my account?

Please check if you have any free slots available in the Marketplace → Slots tab. If you don’t, you can either buy an additional slot or deactivate one of your currently active LinkedIn accounts.


Q: How can I remove a LinkedIn account from Woodpecker?

If you wish to remove your email address from Woodpecker simply click on the trash icon next to it in the Accounts tab in Settings.