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One follow-up email can get you 22% more replies

- imagine what you could do with more of them

A/B testing

Test your email ideas

A/B testing compares different versions of your cold emails in the same email campaign. This allows you to test different aspects of your email like

  • Subject line
  • Introduction
  • Pitch
  • Call to action
  • Signature

and measure their respective performance. This gives you the opportunity to plan your future campaigns based on what works with your target audience.
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Tailor your follow-up emails

Improve your engagement rate and boost your deliverability by running campaigns with conditions that allow you to personalize your follow-ups based on

  • Whether your email has been opened
  • Whether a link has been clicked in your email
  • Who you are trying to reach (personalized fields)

Woodpecker is the right solution for business representatives . . . striving to expand their reach and product’s recognition, as well as to boost their sales scores.

Daniel Kajak

Manual tasks

Engage your other channels

Create personalized interactions with your prospects. Increase your engagement rate by scheduling manual to-dos in your campaign besides emails. You can make your workflow smoother by setting notifications for

LinkedIn Manual Tasks

perform activities planned for LinkedIn with the help of micro-automations

Call scheduling

plan calls on the desktop, make them straight from the mobile app

Other Manual Tasks

included in your sales sequence

Built-in deliverability protection

Take control of your deliverability

Predict and protect your deliverability while building your sender reputation.

  • Warm-up & Recovery
  • Deliverability Monitor
  • Bounce Shield
  • Unlimited email verification