How to edit and update your signature

In cold outreach, your email signature should play the role of a business card. See how to edit and update it in Woodpecker.


1. How to edit your signature?
2. How to update your signature in an existing campaign?
3. How to add the ‘unsubscribe’ link to the signature?
4. How to include the image in the signature?
5. Troubleshooting

Before adding your signature check out an article about Best Signatures for Sales Emails: Let’s Analyze What Makes Them Effective »

1. How to edit your signature?

  1. Go to “Settings” “Accounts”.

  2. Click on the email address to update.

  3. In “General Settings”, open “Signature” tab.

  4. Type or paste in your signature.

  5. Click “SAVE CHANGES”.

  6. Update your signature in a campaign »

Gif with inputting text under the

Adding signature in HTML code

Alternatively, you can also add an HTML signature using the HTML edit mode.

  1. Switch Txt → HTML view.

  2. Paste in your HTML code.

  3. Save your changes and update your signature in a campaign.

Picture showing the HTML view of your signature under the

To create a signature that works smoothly in Woodpecker, use our email signature generator »

2. How to update your signature in an existing campaign?

  1. Go to the campaign editor and find the “Send from:” field.

  2. Switch the currently visible email address to “Leave empty“.

    Image with an arrow pointing to
  3. Click on the field again and select the email address with the updated signature.

3. How to add the ‘unsubscribe’ link to the signature?

  1. Go to “Settings” → “Accounts” and click on your mailbox.

  2. In “General Settings”, open “Signature” tab.

  3. Click the “Insert/edit link” icon.

  4. You’ll see a pop-up window. There, paste in or type:

    unsubscribe, or any other text you’d like your prospects to see there as a LINK TEXT.

  5. Click the green button “ADD” and then “SAVE CHANGES”.

Gif with adding the

Worth knowing:

  • URL {{UNSUBSCRIBE}} – This is the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the form of a custom field. It allows your prospects to opt out. Read more on how to include it »

  • LINK TEXT – This is the text your prospect will see in your signature. You decide what message you’d like to include, for example, unsubscribe or Click here to opt out.

4. How to include the image in the signature?

You can add the image to your signature in 2 steps:

  1. First, upload an image to the hosting service to create a link.

  2. Add the link (URL) to your image in Woodpecker’s signature settings. To do so, click the Insert/edit image icon. Alternatively, add your image in the HTML view. Read more »

    Gif with inserting image and switching to HTML view icons

5. Troubleshooting

  • Where can I enter the HTML code of the email template? I can’t find it anymore Go to “Settings” → “Email Accounts”, select your mailbox, and open Signature settings. Click the icon </> to switch from Text view to HTML view.

  • I don’t see my signature on the test. Also, in my follow-up emails, my signature line isn’t showing up That means your signature hasn’t been updated yet. If you added your signature to settings after creating a campaign, update your signature and test your campaign again.

  • I’d like to add a GIF to my signature. Can I do it? Adding GIFs is possible by including and hyperlinking them. However, we do not recommend using GIFs in the signature as they decrease the deliverability of your emails.

    Adding a GIF requires the same process as adding the image to Woodpecker.

    Read more about adding images to Woodpecker » and add the video as GIF »

  • My signature does not want to saveYour signature needs to start with the text, not HTML code. You can include an image or clickable link after a text input, for example

“Best regards,




  • My images are not displayed in the signatureImages need to be properly uploaded on the internet. If an image is saved locally or access to the file is restricted (For example by Google drive) it will not download and display properly when the email is opened. We can recommend some hosting services to you:,, Read more »

  • My HTML signature is not displayed properly – Different browsers and email clients may display your signature differently. It’s good to test it out across multiple devices.

  • The link included in the signature appears to be purple – Your browser recognizes that you have already visited a particular address. The link will have a blue color by default.

  • My email doesn’t show a signature – Please update your signature in the existing campaigns.

  • I’ve tried to embed and add a video to the signature but it isn’t working – Embedding videos don’t work in Woodpecker. However, you can add the video as GIF. Mind you, this may negatively affect the deliverability of your emails. Not sure what’s deliverability about? Have a look at our article Deliverability: Introduction »