Video – Can I add it to my campaign?

The proper video cannot be added to the email copy in Woodpecker. If you need to include a video, it has to be converted to GIF first.

The whole process consists of 3 parts:
1. Converting a video into GIF
2. Adding the GIF to an Image Hosting Service
3. Uploading the GIF’s URL to email copy in Woodpecker.

Convert Video to GIF

Convert the video file to GIF using an online tool, for example, Ezgif.

  1. Upload the file

  2. Convert it

  3. Save it on your computer

Adding recorded screen to Ezgif creator

Upload GIF to Hosting Service

Once the video is converted to a gif, upload it to the hosting service. Adding a GIF requires the same process as adding the image – you need to upload the GIF to some hosting service and then copy the link. Here is our step-by-step instruction on how to do that.

  1. Enter ImgBB or another hosting service

  2. Click the ‘START UPLOADING’ button

  3. Choose the GIF from your computer

  4. Upload the picture

  5. Copy the link with .gif at the end (from HTML or BBCode)

Add GIF’s URL to email copy in Woodpecker

The next step is to add the link to your email copy.

Adding GIF URL in email editor

1. Click the Image button in the email editor.

Insert/edit image icon in the email editor

2. Paste the GIF’s URL link into the dialogue box. After pasting the link, click the ADD button.

Add image URL window with a field

However, we do not recommend adding a lot of videos, GIFs, or images to cold email copy. It can be risky for the domain – emails that contain videos/GIFs are often marked as spam, the domain reputation is getting worse and, in effect, the domain can be temporarily blocked by the email provider.

If you still want to include a video in your email, head over to our blog to read A Guide to Personalized Email Using Individual Videos and GIFs for better campaign results.