Campaign error: IMAP authentication failed

Woodpecker couldn't authenticate your IMAP server, thus checking your incoming replies has been paused.


What happened?
How to reconnect your email account

What happened?

IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol, has been disconnected from Woodpecker. This means that we cannot access your inbox to collect replies from your prospects. It’s important to have your mailbox connected all the time so Woodpecker doesn’t miss any incoming messages.

How it works

When your prospect responds, Woodpecker stops the email sequence for that particular contact. However, if the reply isn’t detected, Woodpecker cannot assign your prospect with the correct status, for example, RESPONDED or PAUSED (AUTOREPLY). Consequently, the email sequence isn’t stopped. As a result, your prospect may receive the next email from the campaign flow, which can cause confusion.

Try to reconnect your mailbox in the Settings. First, make sure it is not a problem with your username and password.

How to reconnect your email account

  1. Go to the SettingsAccounts.

    There, you should see a list of email accounts connected to your Woodpecker account. When your mailboxes are connected properly, they are shown in black. Disconnected emails, however, are marked in red.

    Disconnected account marked in red in Accounts tab
  2. Click on the disconnected email. You will be redirected to ‘General settings‘.

  3. Click the Reconnect the email link.

    Reconnect the email link in General settings
  4. Continue as you would do while connecting your email account.

    Connecting the account screen
  5. Google or Microsoft users – select the account which you want to reconnect. Make sure the data is correct.

  6. Your account got safely reconnected.

If the problem persists, please contact our support for further help.


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