Agency panel: Clients

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  1. Clients

  2. Managing Email Accounts and Slots

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In this panel, you can see all your active Clients and the inactive ones.

Active clients

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Inactive clients

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How to use this panel:

  • Drop-down icon (1)

    agency-panel-clients image

    gives you the option to select the owner, manage email accounts, and grant access to any User.

  • Client (2) lists the Clients names;

  • Owner (3) is the user who owns/manages this company;

  • In-slot accounts (4) is the number of email accounts that are currently active and connected to your slots (on the right are accounts in campaigns and on the left is the number of all active accounts);

  • Running Campaigns (5) gives you the number of campaigns running for that company at present;

  • Off/On (6)

    agency-panel-clients image

    is the little switch that allows you to fully deactivate or reactivate a Client;

  • Log-in icon (7) will take you directly to that client’s sub-account. That’s where you can modify any settings for that company, update the prospect base, and create or edit any campaigns.

The Clients tab gives you the possibility to manage users in a given company, ie. deciding on who will have access to it, who’s the owner, and the option to invite guests. The Agency Admin can enter everything and they don’t need to be granted access additionally.

Under the “Team” tab, you can change the owner of such a Client (only if you’re already the owner) and choose who will have access to it. From the dropdown list, you’re able to select multiple team members.

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Don’t see the option to do something? Check which role your account has and what permissions are given to it by reading this article »

Deleting the Client

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You’re able to completely delete a Client by clicking on the trashbin icon right next to the switch icon. Keep in mind that the Client has to be deactivated beforehand. As a precaution against accidental deletion, you will have to enter a word confirming your choice.

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The process of deletion will start, so the Client won’t be erased straight away, but entering it will be blocked.

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Managing Email Accounts and Slots

In the “Active accounts” tab, you can see all email accounts added to a given Client. All the active ones connected to the slot will be visible at the top of the list.

If you stumble upon an error pop-up while trying to activate a greyed-out email account informing you about no empty slots, you’ll need to go to your Agency HQ to purchase them.

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In your Agency HQ, go to the Marketplace → Email slots and click on the “Add slots” button. Remember that you need admin user privileges to do so.

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Remember that while adding a slot, you’ll pre-pay prorated amount for it for the time left till the next payment date. Alternatively, to empty the slot, you can deactivate one of the connected email accounts which you do not need for sending. Here you can learn more about Managing Email Accounts »

Once you have an empty slot, you can activate the email account you want to use for sending and use in the campaign.

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Keep in mind that managing slots under Agency works in the same way as in the Main Account. After you deactivate your chosen email account, you need to disable the slots in use in order to avoid paying for them.