Why is my email displayed in grey?

Your email is displayed in grey because it is deactivated and cannot be used for sending.

TL;DR Your email is displayed in grey because it is deactivated and cannot be used for sending. If you cannot activate it with the switch button next to it, there are no empty slots on your account to which you could connect. You can either purchase additional slots or deactivate one of your currently active email accounts »

Information about no empty slots available

Purchasing additional slot

In order to buy an additional slot, go to the Marketplace → Slots tab and click on the green button on the right.

Picture showing step-by-step tutorial for adding slotts

You’ll be redirected to the page where you can choose how many slots you want to purchase and you’ll see how your period payment will change.

Screen with choosing the amount of slots and the price for them

In the summary, you will see the difference between how many slots you had (and how much you’ve been paying) and how it will change after confirming your purchase. You may see additional information about the discounts assigned to your account. If you want to know the details, hover over the purple rectangle with the word “Discount”.

Picture showing comparision of before and after adding slots

Once you have an additional empty slot, simply go to Settings → Accounts and hit the switch button next to the inactive email account.

Gif with activating the account by switching the button on

Switching email accounts connected to slot

If you want to avoid additional charges you can always deactivate your email account in order to empty your slot.

Gif showing switching the slot off

Once your email is deactivated you’ll see that the number of slots in use will decrease which means that you have free space for adding (or activating) another email account.

In Woodpecker Agency

You can manage your clients’ email accounts directly from the list of companies. Simply click on the arrow right to their company name and you’ll see emails under their account.

Activating the account in Agency

Remember that in order to be able to activate an email account, there needs to be an empty slot on your main Agency account.