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What is an email outbox

An email outbox is a folder or queue in an email client or email server where outgoing messages are temporarily stored before being sent. When you compose an email and click the "Send" button, the email is placed in the outbox. The email client or server then attempts to send the message to the designated recipient(s). Once the email is successfully sent, it is removed from the outbox and moved to the sent items folder.

The outbox serves as a holding area for outgoing emails, allowing you to review and manage your messages before they are transmitted. It gives you an opportunity to make any last-minute changes or corrections before the email is actually sent. If there are any connectivity issues or problems with the recipient's server, the email may remain in the outbox until the issue is resolved or until you manually delete it.

The email outbox is a standard feature in most email clients and is particularly useful in situations where you need to send multiple emails or when you have a slow or unreliable internet connection. It helps ensure that your emails are sent correctly and gives you more control over the delivery process.