10 Resources that Help Learn Quality Cold Emailing [Updated]


Quality cold emailing is a skill to be learned. It cannot be learned overnight. It takes months and years to learn how to write and send cold emails that work. And the learning never stops, really. It’s a process of constant improvement. And during the process, you constantly look for guidance, inspiration, and advice based on experience. Below, I’m sharing with you my list of 10 cold emailing resources including books, ebooks, blogs, and a YouTube channel that are helping me in my learning process.

Books and ebooks

1. Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler


The book to start from. If you’re still asking yourself “What is cold emailing?”, “Is cold emailing a method to use in my company?”, “Is cold emailing effective?”, that’s the resource which will help you find the answers, and much more. The book shows how to build a scalable outbound sales process based on cold emails. For more details, you can check the review of Predictable Revenue by Casey Kerr that Aaron Ross put on his blog.

2. Breakthrough Email Template by Bryan Kreuzberger


One of cold email classics. Bryan Kreuzberger‘s template may serve as an inspiration, especially for those who aim at bigger companies. In the PDF, which you can sign up for free, Bryan presents not only the famous template but also describes the corporate mechanisms that allow his cold emailing method to work.

3. The Fool-Proof Guide to Cold Email by SalesFolk

If you asked me about an authority on cold emails, the first person I would think of is Heather Morgan. SalesFolk launches great ebooks on cold emailing time and again, here you can access all of them. But the Fool-Proof Guide is based on a case study and shows how SalesFolk set up an effective cold email campaign for one of their clients – Ambition.

It’s a resource full of practical advice on copy creation, sending practices, and testing methods. A thorough and to-the-point guide – especially helpful to intermediate and advanced cold email senders.

4. 15 Cold Email Templates by Woodpecker.co


A collection of 15 cold email templates from various blog posts and articles. Each of the templates is followed by the analysis of cold emailing techniques applied in it. I learned an awful lot creating the ebook, collecting advice from really smart and experienced start-up founders, entrepreneurs, sales people and marketers. The ebook is to serve as a mine of inspirational examples and resources for cold email senders on all levels.


5. Salesfolk blog

The ebooks are not the only valuable resources provided by Heather Morgan and her team at SalesFolk. There are also blog posts, full of do’s and dont’s especially in terms of cold email copy. Heather conducts a crusade against poorly-written cold emails. So if you want to improve the effectiveness of your outbound campaigns, this is the place to check out regularly.

6. Sixteenventures.com

Do you know Lincoln Murphy? If you haven’t read any of his posts yet, that’s something you want to catch up with. Quickly. Lincoln doesn’t write only about cold emails, but about SaaS growth techniques in a broader perspective. For instance, even before you create your first cold email campaign, you need an Ideal Customer Profile to make sure what groups of prospects you should address, and who you shouldn’t address at all.

You’ll find some quality business advice on Sixteenventures. Read it if you want to set up a well-thought-out sales process: from finding the right prospects to providing quality customer support. And if you haven’t checked Lincoln’s 7 Cold Email Sanity Checks, make sure you will.

7. RightHello blog

Tips on cold emailing and sales in general from the CEO Piotr Zaniewicz and his team. RightHello specializes in lead generation, so their posts are based on wide experience. Great resource, especially for start-ups (and meme lovers). If you want to get rid of a salesy tone from your copy, and create conversational emails that really sell, that’s the place you’re looking for. You may want start from this post.

8. Close.io blog

Steli Efti posts on sales processes, cold emailing, cold calling, and follow-up techniques. But he isn’t another guy in a tie telling you how to sell. If you like videos, webinars, slideshares in addition to articles, you’ll love the blog. Fresh and reasonable advice from fresh and reasonable sales people. Here’s their quite new B2B cold emailing course you may find interesting for starters.

9. PJ Decoster’s blog

PJ shares tips on how to optimize emails for better deliverability. He describes the best ways to achieve high open rate and highlights the areas for improvement in case your results are below satisfactory. Even though his focus is on email marketing, the advice he shares can be useful in cold emailing too.

YouTube channel

10. Katallyze

Katallyze is a lead generation agency run by a team of experienced sales specialists. They help B2B companies find their ideal customers and connect with them by starting valuable business conversations. You might have already read a customer case study featuring Katallyze we posted not so long ago.

Katallyze team shares their knowledge on effective sales techniques, prospecting, successful cold emailing and cold calling on their blog, but if you prefer videos, you can also find them on YouTube. I especially like the series of inspiring interviews with sales and marketing experts. Worth watching!

What’s in it for you?

Look again at this post’s title: “Resources that Help Us Learn Quality Cold Emailing.” At the beginning, I wrote that quality emailing is a skill to be learned. And those 10 resources I listed and shortly described above will definitely help you in the process of learning how to grow your business with cold emails. But theoretical knowledge, even when supported by practical advice, is not enough.

You can read all the ebooks and posts, watch all the webinars, and learn by heart all the slideshares, but that’s not enough to master cold emailing. You can abide by all the rules, follow all the smart tips, and still not see the results you expect.

In order to acquire the skill, you need to practice a lot. And I mean, A LOT… The ebooks and blogs are just a good starting point. But trying and testing is the key to learn cold emailing which is relevant to your niche, adjusted to your target group of prospects, right for your product or service, and thus effective for your company.


If you know other great resources of cold email advice, please share them in the comments.

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Cathy is the Woodpecker blog’s creator. She used to spend lots of time contacting prospects, especially via email. One of the few people on Earth who read crappy cold emails from start to end and analyze them – for purely educational purposes. Taking care of this blog, reporting Woodpecker’s journey on the pursuit of happy openings, successful closures and all the new skills we acquire in between.

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