11 Apr 2019

Campaign folders

If you dig to keep your things in order just like Monica from ’Friends’, then you’ll enjoy our new feature. Use campaign folders to organize your campaigns in any way you want.

How to be like Monica
26 Nov 2018

Stats redesigned

Give us your numbers and we’ll make them real. Redesigned campaign stats are now live and believe us - they’re smooth.

25 Sep 2018

Campaign redesigned

A redesigned campaign view is here. We gave a new look to our email editor, snippets and more. So fresh, so clean - you won’t stop using it.

7 Sep 2018

Bulk tagging for Prospects

Speed up your workflow with our newest feature - the incredible bulk tagging. Use it to manage your prospects more effortlessly.

20 Aug 2018

Automatic tagging for unsubscribes

We took your feedback to heart, and in the first place, decided to work on the Woodpecker tagging options. If some of your prospects hit the unsubscribe link in your campaign, they will be automatically tagged as #unsubscribed.

3 Jul 2018

Woodpecker Chrome extension

Track opens from your prospects directly in your Gmail Inbox. Try our newest feature - the Woodpecker Chrome Extension.

Ready to plug and play?

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