Virtual event - Woodpecker live workshop

3 priceless pillars of a cold email

with Laura Lopuch

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Start writing cold emails that get you a "yes!"

Laura will show you how to:

  • craft clear and concise cold emails that captivate
  • generate small affirmative responses and build engagement
  • define objectives for effective cold email campaigns
  • gain actionable tips to boost response rates and conversions
  • BONUS: review your cold emails

Meet the expert

Laura Lopuch is a highly successful cold email and pitch expert who helps freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs boost their sales through email strategies. Within a short span of four months, her business witnessed an incredible 1400% growth solely through cold emails, using her powerful ‘The Relevancy Method.’ Laura wrote a viral article on cold emails for Copyhackers and has been featured on highly ranked industry blogs and podcasts.


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