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Right to the inbox - reputation and deliverability

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Make sure your emails get delivered

There’s no shortcut to the prospect’s inbox. But there’s a clear path and our guest can show it to you<

  • Be authentic and get authenticated
  • Prepare your list the right way
  • Learn what spam filters expect from senders
  • Engagement is key - keys to better engagement
  • Increase volume at the right pace
  • Monitor your email deliverability
  • BONUS: Submit your use case! (chosen use cases will be covered during the workshop)

Meet the expert

Yanna-Torry Aspraki is a Deliverability Specialist with almost a decade of experience. As an unconventional critical thinker and strategic planner, she is consistently monitoring and analyzing performance data, identifying needed changes and improvements that increase email deliverability and maximize outreach.


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