Woodpecker is perfect for marketing campaigns of every size

Maximizing cold outreach efficiency is the top priority for Woodpecker, whether you’re a one-person operation, a medium-sized team or an agency sending campaigns for clients.

With Woodpecker, agency teams optimize their campaigns by A/B testing their emails and sending follow-ups in the same thread. Manual tasks (text Joe, meet Ben, etc.) added in between campaigns additionally help them plan their campaigns holistically.

Maximum deliverability, maximum results

With Woodpecker Warm-up & Recovery you can warm up your emails and domains, and recover your sender reputation if needed. Our Deliverability Monitor helps you to spot any deliverability problems so you can react before they become a problem, and our Bounce Shield protects you from exceeding your provider’s sending limits.

Woodpecker also maximizes your deliverability thanks to a unique human-like sending algorithm. It keeps bounces to a minimum using a built-in email verification system.

*Unfortunately, from February 2023, Google no longer supports automated warm-up for Gmail accounts. However, you can still achieve the same results manually by following these simple steps.


Woodpecker allows you to grant limited access to your clients’ accounts to keep their data secure. It also notifies your teammates about non-existing or duplicate email addresses and missing custom fields. They can always preview their campaigns before launching them and blacklist unwanted domains to protect your clients’ reputations.

Easy migration
& premium support

Woodpecker helps agency teams switch from their old tools. They get premium support during the onboarding and later on as they plan and execute their campaigns. When migrating from other lead generation software, the Woodpecker team makes sure that all data is in place.

You can count on us to help make the upgrade to Woodpecker as smooth & easy as possible! 

Woodpecker Agency

Woodpecker has a set of features designed specifically for agency collaboration. Your teammates can access all their clients’ accounts in a single dashboard and switch between them with a single click. The system helps to keep your client data organized and easily manage all account activities.

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Conditional follow-ups

Unlike Wavo, Woodpecker allows you to put conditions on your follow-ups. Depending on your prospects’ behavior, the system will send different messages to help you reach all of them. This kind of personalization is key to better response rates and higher engagement. 

Once your campaign is running, Woodpecker will start to generate a comprehensive performance report with relevant data insights.


Unlike Wavo, Woodpecker allows you to configure ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ paths for each campaign. Depending on whether (or how many times) a prospect opened an email, replied to it or clicked on a given link, the system will send a context-specific message.

A/B tests

Woodpecker’s built-in A/B testing feature allows you to find the optimal template for your messages. Create up to 5 different versions of your email (both opener and follow-ups) and check which works best for your target audience.


Unlike Wavo, Woodpecker is natively integrated with popular sales and marketing platforms. Your team can connect it to CRMs, prospecting tools and other business software that support an agency’s workflow.

Pricing & free trial

You can test all Woodpecker features including Warm-up & Recovery for 7 days risk free.

Woodpecker supports agency teams. It gives you access to all add-ons, the Agency Panel, Integrations and Advanced Campaigns for only $56/month per email slot. 

Wavo offers fixed pricing where established agencies pay $199/month without flexible adjustments.

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It’s built for agencies and has a beautiful UI. No other tool has such a clear and explicit agency panel!

Deepak Shukla Pearl Lemon Leads

Both our internal team and all our clients love it.

Doug Puccetti OBO Agency

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Woodpecker and Wavo: comparison of features

Woodpecker Wavo
Automated emails
A/B tests
Follow-ups in one thread
Built-in email validation
Timezone detection
Warm-up & Recovery (not available for Google accounts) FREE (plus extra slot)
Bounce Shield
Deliverability Monitor
CRM integrations
Mailbox integrations
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Exchange
Other integrations
Google Sheets
Teamwork & security
GDPR compliance
Duplicate detection
Empty custom fields detection
Team collaboration
Shared contacts & campaigns
Plugins & API aggregators
Free trial
  • 7 days
  • All features including Warm-up & Recovery
  • 14 days
  • All features
  • $56/month/slot for all features (incl. all add-ons, Agency Panel and unlimited sending)

See Pricing

  • $199/agency/

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Agency Panel

Woodpecker is the best Wavo alternative for agency work. It gives you an overview of all your clients’ campaigns in a single dashboard where you can turn the accounts on and off easily. You can switch to another client without logging out and easily find their data thanks to organized storage.


Woodpecker protects your clients’ data by granting limited access to their dashboards. It also eliminates human errors from campaigns including non-existing or doubled email addresses, and missing custom fields.

Premium support

With Woodpecker, agency teams get premium onboarding and support. The Woodpecker team helps them with account migration from other tools, as well as to execute their campaigns successfully.