Integrate Woodpecker
with LeadFuze

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LeadFuze is a lead generation software that aggregates professional data of prospects and allows you to build high-quality prospect lists for your outbound campaigns. You can generate a list of well-selected contacts in LeadFuze and easily push it to Woodpecker to send them a sequence of personalized emails and follow-ups at scale. In other words, this is where you get your prospect lists from.




How does it work?

The integration with LeadFuze is available for Woodpecker users at the Team Pro plan.

Using the integration you can easily export your prospect lists generated in LeadFuze to Woodpecker. No more .csv exporting and importing. With just a few clicks, you can send your lists automatically straight to your campaigns in Woodpecker.

LeadFuze has been natively integrated with Woodpecker, which means you can set up your integration directly in the LeadFuze panel.

How to set it up?

First, you need an account in LeadFuze. If you don’t have one yet, set it up at and get some free leads to give it a proper try.

Once you decide for LeadFuze premium account, you’ll be able to set up the integration. To do that, you log in at LeadFuze and go to Settings > Integrations, where you can turn on the connection between LeadFuze and Woodpecker.

Next, get an API key from Woodpecker ( > Settings > API keys > Create a key). Copy the key and paste it in LeadFuze, when you’re asked to enter your personal API token.

As you’ve finished the connection process, the integration switch button will turn green in LeadFuze. Then you’ll be ready to export your lists of prospects from LeadFuze straight to your Woodpecker campaigns.



Make sure you have at least one campaign created in Woodpecker to be able to export a list of prospects from LeadFuze there.

Don’t worry, the contact export won’t start on its own at this point. To start the sync, you’ll need to set up some details first. You have two options at this point.

Automatic sync of contacts

You can define a dedicated campaign in Woodpecker for a chosen list of contacts in LeadFuze and set up automatic sync between the two.

If you choose this option, every time if either you, or Fuzebot, add new contacts to your list in LeadFuze, the data will be automatically pushed to the chosen Woodpecker campaign.

To set that up:
1) Edit a list of leads in LeadFuze;
2) Go to List Options > Send to > Woodpecker > Settings;
3) Choose the Woodpecker campaign you want to fuel with the data from this list;
4) Hit ‘Save’.



Now your leads from LeadFuze will be automatically sent to the chosen campaign in Woodpecker immediately after you add something new to this list in LeadFuze.

Manual export

In some cases, however, you may want to send a batch of selected leads from a LeadFuze list manually, and not set up an automatic long-term connection between a chosen list and a Woodpecker campaign.

This scenario is also possible within the LeadFuze<>Woodpecker integration.

To directly send a batch of chosen contacts from LeadFuze to Woodpecker:

1) Edit a list of leads in LeadFuze;
2) Select at least one contact on the LeadFuze list;
3) Go to List Options > Send to > Woodpecker;
4) Choose a campaign* from the list.

*If the sub-menu under List Options > Send to > Woodpecker shows No Campaigns Found, visit, log in, and and create a campaign, first.




The chosen batch of contacts will be sent to Woodpecker just this one time, if you use the manual export.

Fuel your campaigns with leads from LeadFuze