Connect Woodpecker with your favorite apps

About Close

Close is a CRM that helps you get the grip of all your sales activities. It automatically organizes all your emails, calls, voicemails, tasks and reminders, so that you don’t have to worry about them. If you integrate Close and Woodpecker, you can swiftly follow-up with the leads you qualified in your sales CRM.

About the integration

Close and Woodpecker integration via Zapier eases your workflow. You don’t have to spend your valuable time updating information in each software separately anymore. To illustrate, whenever you change the status of a contact in Close, it will be automatically imported to a new or existing campaign in Woodpecker. Moreover, you can fill out snippets in Woodpecker with a piece of information you saved about your prospects in Close, and thus enrich your cold outreach campaign with a high-level personalization.

Key benefits

  • All-in-one sales productivity platform
  • Add calls to your sales process
  • Dedicated for sales teams
  • Stay on top of your pipeline

Example Zaps