Integrate Woodpecker

integration-image integration-image-mobile is a CRM that helps you get the grip of all your sales activities. It automatically organizes all your emails, calls, voicemails, tasks and reminders, so that you don’t have to worry about them. If you integrate and Woodpecker, you can swiftly follow-up with the leads you qualified in your sales CRM.




How does it work?

The integration with is available for Woodpecker users at the Team Pro plan.

Synchronize Woodpecker and through Zapier. and Woodpecker integration eases your workflow. You don’t have to spend your valuable time updating information in each software separately anymore.

Simple tasks, for example, copying and pasting information from one software to another, or starting a new sequence in one app after the data is changed in the other, are automatized.

To illustrate, whenever you change the status of a contact in, it will be automatically imported to a new or existing campaign in Woodpecker.

Moreover, you can fill out snippets in Woodpecker with a piece of information you saved about your prospects in, and thus enrich your cold outreach campaign with a high-level personalization.

In addition, you can automatically stop sending emails to a prospect in Woodpecker if you move their contact into a particular status in via Zapier.

Here’s the full list of triggers:

  • New Opportunity Status Change
  • New Export
  • New Lead
  • New SMS
  • New Task
  • New Note
  • New Call
  • New Lead Status Change
  • New Email
  • New Event
  • New Opportunity
  • New Contact

For those triggers, you can select a Woodpecker action from the list below:

  • Create/Update Prospect in Campaign
  • Stop Follow-Ups
  • Create/Update Prospects

Here, on the other hand, is the full list of Woodpecker triggers:

  • Prospect Interested
  • Prospect Maybe Later
  • Email Opened
  • Prospect Autoreplied
  • Prospect Invalid
  • Prospect Replied
  • Prospect Bounced
  • Follow-Up After Autoreply
  • Link Clicked
  • Prospect Not Interested

For those Woodpecker triggers, you can choose one of those actions:

  • Create Email
  • Create Opportunity
  • Create Lead
  • Create Note
  • Create Contact
  • Create Task
  • Create SMS
  • Create Call
  • Update Lead
  • Run Activity Report
  • Update Contact
  • Delete Logged Call
  • Merge Two Leads
  • Update Call
  • Update Task
  • Update Note
  • Create Export
  • Toggle Forwarding on Phone Number
  • Create Bulk Email
  • Update Opportunity

You can also create a “search” action. It means that a chosen Woodpecker trigger will set off a action to:

  • Find Opportunity
  • Find Lead
  • Find Contact

or to create one if none is found.

How to set it up?

To integrate Woodpecker with via Zapier, you need to have an account on Woodpecker,, and of course, Zapier.

You don’t need to know how to code to connect the two applications. All you need to do is copy and paste API keys from your Woodpecker and accounts when you’re asked to do that in Zapier.

Make sure your email address in Woodpecker is the same as in To create a zap, log into Zapier and click “Make a zap” button. Then, choose the trigger application and what you want it to do.

To illustrate, you choose as your trigger app and whenever you change the lead status in to ‘Potential,’ you can set an automatic action, for example, a new contact will be moved into a Woodpecker campaign.

You set it once and you don’t have to bother with doing it manually ever again. You can pause/delete a zap when you don’t need it.

Save your time with automated contact data synchronization