What are Woodpecker Experts?

See how you can connect with Woodpecker Experts and what they can help you with.


  1. What is it about?

  2. Where can you find Experts?

What is it about?

Experts, as the name suggests, are people or companies that can help you with your campaigns and cold emails. They will try to make sure your content gets delivered to your prospects and catches their attention.

Currently, you can get advice on your lead gen process from Consultants and Agencies presented on our Woodpecker Experts page.

Those two categories differ a bit in regard to the services they offer. Typically, an agency will take over the whole “lead generation” process from you, while a consultant will work with you to improve particular areas of your outreach. That being said, some consultants might be able to take over the whole process as well, while some agencies offer consultancy too.

Where can you find Experts?

Right now, if you are a Woodpecker App user (on trial or with a subscription), the quickest way to find Experts is through the menu under your account name.

Gif showing going from Education to Experts in a drop-down list

After you click on the Education → Experts, you will be redirected to the log-in site to give your Woodpecker Account credentials. Your action should be remembered by the browser, so you don’t have to log in each time to this page.

Woodpecker Experts login page

On the website, you can filter prospects by Agency or Consultant.

Options to filter experts

Choose the one that suits your needs best, by reading their short introductions or checking categories under them. It tells you all about the fields in which our Experts are professionals, to be certain you are in good hands.

There are two convenient ways you can browse Experts. First – you can choose one of the profiles and then use arrows at the top corners of the page to go to the next or previous one. Alternatively, you can use the filter first. That way after clicking on a profile you’ll be able to go through all the experts within this category (using arrows).

Contact your chosen Expert with the form at the bottom of their page and wait for their response. To send a message, all fields must be filled in. You also have to give consent for sharing your personal data with the given Expert by check-marking the box next to the “Send” button.

Contact form to the chosen expert

The second way to find Experts is from the App level. Go to Settings Marketplace and click on the Experts tab.

Experts tab in the Marketplace

There will be a short overview of all experts currently in the program, where you can quickly check what language they use and in what area they are most skilled.

woodpecker-experts image

To contact them, click on the “See more details” link and you will be redirected to their profile on the Woodpecker Experts page (and before that, a log-in page if you haven’t done that earlier). From there, you can get more information about their experience and skills, and contact those who match your criteria. It also allows you to browse full profiles without going back to the list in the App.

In case you have more questions about the Woodpecker Experts program, contact us at [email protected]!