Setting an alias

Sometimes you might want to send emails from an alias. Alias is an alternate address that points to your primary email address.

Woodpecker supports aliases, but they have to be configured on your email account first. Here is an example guide to configuring an alias on Google Apps account. In addition to being configured properly, the alias should be set to active on Google account in order to work properly with Woodpecker.

When the alias is properly configured all you need to do is to add it in your email account setting in Woodpecker. To do that, follow the steps below.

1. Click on the email address you connected to Woodpecker

Go to ‘Settings’, then click on ‘Accounts’, and you’ll see the list of email addresses you’ve already connected to Woodpecker.

Image showing step-by-step entering settings for an email account

2. Click on ‘Add alias’

Below the information about your ‘From name’, ‘Signature’ and ‘Configuration’, you’ll see a green button ‘Add Alias’. Click on it.

Arrow pointing to

3. Type in an alias

Under your ‘From name’ you can write an alias email address you want to use. Then, you can choose whether you want your alias to be treated as a separate email address or to update your SMTP configuration.

The last thing to do is to click on the green button ‘Add alias’.

Image showing setting up an alias in Woodpecker

4. Update the existing campaign you want to use an alias in.

From now on you can use the alias to send campaigns from it. However, to use it in campaigns that were created before adding an alias there is one more step to be done. Go to the campaign ‘Edit’ mode and choose the alias in the ‘Send from’ field.

Image showig an arrow pointing to

Image with the

Please note:

1. If you have used an alias prior to joining Woodpecker, please remember that Woodpecker requires connecting a primary email address first. Then you can set the alias.

2. Woodpecker will wait 120 seconds for the confirmation message. If the message gets temporarily delayed past the time limit, please try again after some time.

3. In some cases, your alias might have trouble communicating with your primary address, which is needed to send a confirmation message. In such situations, you will need to allow your alias to send messages to the main inbox. An example of “Send as” setting resolution in Google Suite.