Agency panel: Outreach Calendar and Deliverability

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  1. Outreach Calendar

  2. Deliverability

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Outreach Calendar

The Outreach Calendar is where you can review all campaigns (for all Clients) which have been sent Today.

outreach-and-deliverability image

What you can get from the list:

  • Client’s name (1),

  • who manages that client: Owner (2),

  • how many emails have already been sent overall: Sent (3),

To narrow down the list, use filters (4), and filter by Owner or Client.

The arrow symbol (5) unfolds a brief overview of all campaigns and emails in that client’s account, where you can check:

  • Campaign name,

  • Email address that the campaign is being sent from,

  • what is the active Delivery Time (for that campaign) – with your timezone visible,

  • a number of emails sent from a given campaign: Sent.

outreach-and-deliverability image

You also have the ability to review the details of a specific campaign by clicking on its name. A panel with details will appear on the right, where you can check the Delivery time for each step, the email version for it (if there are several), the path from where it went, and the number of emails that were sent in each step.

outreach-and-deliverability image


Here you can see your company’s performance in a given period of time. For more general information about the Deliverability tab, check our help article about it »

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The page will display a list of all companies that had any activity during the period chosen at the top of the page. By activity, we understand that some emails were sent, bounced, opened, or replied to. The default criteria are set to show statistics from the period of last month, so you may not see everything.

View of the Company in Deliverability tab for Agency

You can choose the timezone and period for your deliverability stats. As for the timezone, it defaults to what you have in your account settings. For the latter, the available options are All time, Last week, Last month, Last year, and Custom data range. Just like in the individual account, the data is available starting from January 1st, 2021.

outreach-and-deliverability image

After choosing your desired criteria, search for a Client for which you want to see results, or simply your own. Stats visible next to the company name match those in the main Deliverability tab, minus Interest Level.

Company name with statistics under Deliverability tab

To check the Client performance from the Agency panel level, click on the arrow next to the client name and a graph with statistics over time will appear. For more detailed information, you have to log in to the Client.

outreach-and-deliverability image

Similar to the view under the Client account, you’ll see arrows showing the tendency for stats in comparison with the last same period. It’s visible for all periods (except the “All time” view) if Woodpecker already has some data on your sending.

outreach-and-deliverability image

Keep in mind that you can log in if you have permission from an admin of your account. When you try entering a company that you don’t have access to, relevant information will pop up.

Information about access denied to the company account

After successful login, you will be transferred to the main Deliverability tab, for which the details are described in this article »