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How to schedule emails in Outlook

To schedule emails in Outlook, you can follow these steps:


  1. Open Outlook and sign in to your account.


  1. Click on the "New Email" button to compose a new email.


  1. Write your email as you normally would, including the recipient(s), subject, and the content of the email.


  1. Once you have composed your email, instead of clicking on the "Send" button, navigate to the "Options" tab in the Outlook toolbar. This tab contains additional options for email handling.


  1. In the "Options" tab, you'll find a button labeled "Delay Delivery" or "Delay Delivery Options." Click on this button to access the scheduling options.


  1. In the "Delay Delivery" or "Delay Delivery Options" window, you can specify the date and time when you want the email to be sent.


  •    Set the date: Select the desired date from the calendar provided in the window. 
  • Set the time: Enter the specific time when you want the email to be sent.


  1. Once you have set the desired date and time, click "Close" or "OK" to save the scheduling settings.


  1. After saving the scheduling settings, you can now click on the "Send" button to schedule the email. Outlook will automatically send the email at the specified date and time.


Please note that your computer must be connected to the internet and Outlook must be running for the scheduled email to be sent at the designated time. If your computer is turned off or Outlook is closed at the scheduled time, the email will be sent when you next open Outlook and connect to the internet.


Scheduling emails can be helpful when you want to compose an email in advance and have it sent at a specific time, such as during non-working hours or when you want to time your communication effectively.