Increase your webinar ROI

Get ideas and tips for webinar follow-ups that drive conversions

Who is it for?

  • Consultants who want to maximize their webinar lead generation efforts
  • Salespeople who look for a ready-made webinar follow-up sequence that is proved to bring results
  • Marketers that want to increase webinar attendance and fuel leads’ engagement
  • Entrepreneurs who plan to incorporate webinars to their lead generation strategy

What's inside

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Formulas proved to work

The templates were created based on actual webinar follow-up sequences with a proven track record of success in increasing webinar conversion rate.

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Practical tips

Each template is accompanied by tips on how to increase leads’ engagement and motivation to try your product or service.

What you'll learn

How to create a webinar sales funnel to close more deals

What tactics to use to fuel registrants engagement and boost attendance

How to approach webinar no-shows to re-engage them

What to write in a post-webinar follow-up to attendees to turn them into customers

Author photo

Meg Kawalkowska

Meg writes articles for Woodpecker blog in which she advises readers on how to move leads down the sales funnel with email campaigns. She noticed that in too many cases webinars are not used to their full potential as a lead generation tool. That’s why she put together webinar follow-up templates that you can use right away to boost your webinar conversion.