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Who is it for?

Founders of bootstrapped SaaS companies who want to propel their business forward

Owners of VC-funded SaaS who’d like to grow their businesses, yet not spend millions of dollars while doing so

SaaS salespeople. SaaS partner program managers. Anyone working in a SaaS who can use email to improve their performance and results

Anyone looking for email template inspiration to help them complete various jobs to be done in SaaS

What's inside

Actionable how-to’s

Your company has many business areas that need your attention. Fortunately, email is a versatile tool. Need to convert more users into customers? Increase your webinar ROI? Re-engage lost leads? See various ways you can use email to push your business forward.

Expert advice

To provide even more value for you, we’ve reached out to the best in their fields and asked them to share their take on the sub-topics. See advice from those who’ve been there and done that.

Email templates

To reap the full benefits of email outreach you need to get creative & write personalized emails. That doesn’t mean you can’t get inspired by ones that have already been written, though. We’ve cooked up templates for various JTBD in your SaaS. Enjoy!

What you will learn

  • What you can use email for in SaaS to make your business thrive
  • How you can go about creating a strategy for each of these jobs
  • How to write emails for each of the areas (+templates)
  • Tips from 8 SaaS experts… and 1 SEO expert