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+ an email sequence that will help you implement GDPR at your company

Who is it for?

  • Salespeople who prospect in the EU
  • Entrepreneurs who look for new business opportunities in the EU
  • Company owners who look for business partners in the EU
  • Startup founders who look for investors in the EU

What's inside

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Expert’s advice

Advice from a legal expert who ensures GDPR compliance in Woodpecker. Expert tips on conducting cold email campaigns under the regulation. Get first-hand knowledge on processing personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation.

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Comprehensible knowledge

Free from legal jargon & easy to understand. We translated legalese to plain English to make GDPR digestible. Complex issues are explained graphically. In case anyone wanted to check the ebook against the source, we included references.

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Easy-to-follow guidelines

Full of actionable steps you can take to ensure your cold email campaign complies with GDPR. Check the do’s and don'ts in outbound outreach under the General Data Protection Regulation. Follow the best practices recommended by our legal expert.

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Practical use cases

To illustrate the application of GDPR provisions for cold email senders. The examples used in the ebook will resolve any doubts that you may have regarding the application of GDPR and the information duties you have towards your prospects.

What you'll learn

How to prospect and send cold emails under GDPR

How a consent to process personal data should look like

Author photo

Margaret Sikora

Margaret is a Data Protection Officer and Product Manager at Woodpecker. Because of her academic background in the field of law (She’s on her way of becoming a PhD) and extensive experience at Woodpecker, preparing data safety documents and compliance standards, implementing GDPR and managing Product Team’s communication, she knows exactly how to communicate GDPR in a way everyone can understand.